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Big Brother LJ: Reunion
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Big Brother LiveJournal

This is the place, the gathering where past houseguests of Big Brother LJ can discuss the entire community. It is for BBLJ news and general chat concerning the current season of BBLJ. You can also reminisce about drama, backstabbing, houseguests, or statistics of past seasons. Finally, you will find hosting information and advertisements for other reality gaming communities on LiveJournal. Houseguests of the current season of BBLJ will not be allowed membership into this community. This is to try
to mitigate outside influences from affecting the game. If you are an alumni and are cast for the current season, you will be removed from the community and allowed back in when the current season ends. Please do not ask to rejoin when you are evicted. You must wait until the season ends, as we all know that being evicted does not always mean you are finished with the game. We ask that the community is treated like Las Vegas, and that everything said or done in the community, stays in the community.
first season winner: austin // runner up: nick
second season winner: dana // runner up: nathan
third season winner: jason // runner up: lindsay
fourth season winner: eva // runner up: nathan
fifth season winner: rob // runner up: cindy
sixth season winner: allison // runner up: amanda
all-stars winner: rob // runner up: noelle
eighth season winner: aaron // runner up: nick k
ninth season winner: rebecca // runner up: leslie

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