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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 2 (pt 2) - Big Brother LiveJournal: Reunion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 2 (pt 2) [Apr. 7th, 2009|09:36 pm]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion





I want to get Aaron simply for this conversation we had:

(a flashback video from a conversation had in the HOH room early this morning)
Cluka 99 (12:12:21 PM): if you can help me win veto
Cluka 99 (12:12:32 PM): then you will stay safe
Cluka 99 (12:13:03 PM): do you know how Marina and Ash are using their Coins?
picture to burnn (12:14:18 PM): no i have nooo idea.
Cluka 99 (12:14:25 PM): hmmm
Cluka 99 (12:14:27 PM): that sucks
picture to burnn (12:14:37 PM): yeah i havent talked to any of them . i wasnt on yesterday
Cluka 99 (12:14:44 PM): because it would help me if I knew what they were planning with the coins
Cluka 99 (12:15:19 PM): get the veto and make sure the noms don't change
picture to burnn (12:15:27 PM): if i was playing.. i wouldnt put any of mine in it. if i did it would be 5.. idk if that helps you... but thats how i would do.
Cluka 99 (12:15:57 PM): it is a tough situation
Cluka 99 (12:16:00 PM): I just need to work it out
Cluka 99 (12:17:07 PM): any information on what they are planning to do would be of great help to me and you
picture to burnn (12:19:14 PM): if it was anyone else i would, put me up for this if you want to, i dont betray friends, game or not.. im sorry. if i could help you i would.. but i dont do that. go ahead and put me up for it. im not shady.
Cluka 99 (12:19:35 PM): no worries
Cluka 99 (12:19:48 PM): I admire your loyalty, which is always a good thing to have
Cluka 99 (12:20:09 PM): why do you play is your are so willing to be eliminated?
picture to burnn (12:20:40 PM): because if it happens.. ill leave with a smile.. and when it comes to a game where its like.. everyone gets along.. seeing one person leave gets hard.
Cluka 99 (12:21:04 PM): true
Cluka 99 (12:21:38 PM): I was just curious. because you seem so willing to be evicted in order to save Marina and Ash
picture to burnn (12:24:03 PM): i have loyalty to them, those are my girls. do i wanna go? no. I don't wanna go, but if it comes to that, i will leave with a smile on my face. Losing me isnt losing anything but a likable person who can make chats fun. its not gonna affect anything lol
Cluka 99 (12:24:57 PM): you are an interesting one Alyssa
Cluka 99 (12:25:01 PM): I think you are pretty cool
Cluka 99 (12:25:23 PM): I haven't decided what I am doing to do in the event the Veto is used
Cluka 99 (12:25:30 PM): but you have given me a lot of insight
picture to burnn (12:25:54 PM): No hard feelings if it's me you know that, I'm kind of expecting it, and if it sends me out of the game I'll leave with a smile on my face.
Cluka 99 (12:26:36 PM): would you campaign against As or Marina?
picture to burnn (12:27:06 PM): the truth is. i dont know. i figured when it comes time to vote im going to flip a coin or something.


So I don’t have much to say so far about this week aside from the fact that Aaron and I never really talk, and that’s a damn shame. He seemed like such a nice guy earlier in the game. And how can you not love someone from Virginia. Things in the house seem to be going as follows, everyone sucks in a sort of individual shit way. Except for myself and Todd, and Kyle. The rest I can do without. But I’ll keep using Andrew like he uses me. Aaron was sweet to not nominate me. However I can not say that I’ll ever give him the respect of not nominating him later down the line. And that’s exactly why I will not promise much to him in this short time he’s been here. In fact, most of the time I’m on, he’s nowhere to be found. Weird. I don’t know if I can trust someone who’s never on to discuss game with. but I also talk with nick k a lot and I doubt I can trust that bitch as far as I can throw him. And if another person tells me how AMAZING nick
k is.. I’m going to slap them.


After seeing the results of the veto, I’m completely shocked. The ones that were selected for this competition were all such tool bags. Except for Aaron, who seems like just obligation to the game. I can not figure that one out. Oh well. TINA you’re a stupid cunty bitch who never plays and then you win veto… wouldn’t it be a riot if you win veto and then your ass goes home. Man I’d KILL to see that happen. Actually I might beg and plead to see it work. I’d be willing to go up on the block against Tina in a heartbeat because everyone would be all “aww Stacey plays the game don’t let her go home yet.”


I wish she could see this. Actually I might make a video to her in a bit and let it be on my journal. But not addressed to her.. just, “big idiot from texas playing bblj8 with a stupid shit-eating grin in your picture” QUIT NOW BITCH “rina” god shes so the renny of this group.. no one likes her, but she somehow is floating along.

And I hope smashleigh goes home.


Tina did her thing, and I am lucky as HELL. I took a gamble and now, one
of the David Cook Alliance is going out the door. Hopefully, it is
Ashleigh... we will see.

I wouldn't mind Marina going because she has a letter... and in that
letter is a clue to the Safe.

So far, I have cracked my own letter... (Star Trek, Encounter at Far
Point, Jean Luc Picard)

The other two are a little more tricky. Rocky seems obvious. and the
Picture 5 and 4 equals nine... but there is No Rocky Nine... I wonder if
it means the rounds he fought an opponent... I will have to check.

Spence... That is the tough one. Talks about college life... PSU? Animal
house? the one with Rodney Dangerfield? I am not sure. There is also
Spenser for Hire (who starred DS9's Avery Brooks... a Star Trek
connection) that must be considered.

I need more time, and more clues... but I am not sure if I will get either
of them.

Had Tina USED the Veto... I did have a plan. I was going to put Nick D. He
is strong and he would fight, and it would ensure that Ash/Marina would be
on his shit list, and I think it would have guarenteed Marina going home.
I had flirted with putting up Todd... but in the end, I think it would be
more trouble as it is worth.

I can't put too much force in this Game. My goal is to use BB Apkido in
order to use other people's force and momenteum against them. This week, I
was a sharp sword... but I am in danger of becoming a blunt object.

Now... my work is done. I don't vote, I don't campaign, I don't do
anything. I am happy with whomever leaves. I prefer Ash gone, but I know
that she fist leiutenant is now gone... who is she going to turn to
Alyssa? Who is one foot in the grave to begin with?

Thank god for Mandy's non involvement. Because otherwise, Ash would have
won... and made things incredibly difficult.

yeah, I figured out the coin allotment... I am that much of a dork.

I think I will have one more email as HOH before I go...

I just hope that Week Three... my achilles heel in LJ games, doesn't mean
my demise...



Tina didn't use the POV. I'm so bumming this freaking vote. So bad, I mean everyone knows we were all aligned some how.. But we didn't do anything about it yet, it was going to be for further on along the game. But this is how it goes now, one of my girls are going out soon. And I know who I'm voting for. But I'm keeping up with diaries and I'm going to work my ass off. I want HOH so bad next week. I can taste it.


Well, this has been a pretty easy week for me, after the hell of last week. My "assisting" Aaron during the HoH kept me off the block. And even though I didn't play in the POV, I wasn't thrilled with who did. Thankfully, Tina did the right thing and didn't use her POV, keeping at least one person who wanted me out on the block, and another person who seems to be her little puppet in this game. So, yeah. I'm getting a pretty good semi-alliance with Todd and Andrew, and maybe with Kyle too, so that's helpful.

I just wish I wasn't sucking at the social game so much, but the fact of the matter is that I just don't "feel" it this time around. There's not a ton of people in this game I *want* to talk to, and I'm not much for small talk just for the sake of "playing the game". That'll probably cost me in the end, and I accept that. We've had a few group chats though, which has been helpful for getting to know people without actually having to do the whole stop and chat thing.

Maybe if I make it to the jury phase, that'll change. But right now, I'm just not into talking on AIM much. And I know that's killing me.



The eviction poll was just posted, and I realized that... holy shit, tomorrow, I might go home... Well I'm already home, but I might leave BBLJ. And that fucking sucks.
And if I don't go home, Ashleigh goes home.

How do you ask people to vote for you when you're up against your best friend?
How do you try to convince people you're an asset to the game, when the person opposite of you is the closest person to you?

I honestly don't know what to say. I've been dreading this all week.

Hopefully it all goes well. Even though there is a high chance that it won't.


Note: Andrew moved his videos to another account halfway thru the game so I apologize if I botch them or get them out of order :)


YES! I talked to Tina yesterday and she asked me what I would do with veto had I won. I told her I think it's too soon to use veto because people will think you're aligned with whoever you take off the block. I was trying to scare her. I also told her that I would probably be the replacement nominee and that's scary. I think it worked, because she left nominations alone. She said she agreed with me. I don't know if I helped her with her decision, but it's nice to know she at least cares enough to ask me my opinion.

Now Ash and Marina.I really like both as people. I've probably flipped flopped more than the footwear of the same name in these diary room entries, and this one's going to be no different. I feel like Marina is someone I can trust, and I feel like Ashleigh is someone I will be used by. Also, like I said before, Ash wants my final two alliance (Andrew) gone. So I guess it's obvious that I'm voting for Ashleigh. I'm trying really hard to talk people into voting for Ashleigh's eviction without making it look like I'm campaigning for it. Because this could turn around and bite me in the ass. For some reason I don't think so, though.

Here are the votes I think are secured for Ash's exit: Andrew's and mine (duh), Jer's, Stacey's, Mandy's, and Kyle's. That's six. That's it. Ash is gone if these people are honest. And that's assuming everyone else votes for Marina, which I think is pretty doubtful. Bye Ashleigh. You're probably going to read this one day and be like "Why, Todd? Why?" I want you to know it's not personal. You just happened to trust me a little bit too much, and happened to make the fatal mistake of telling me you had no plans for Andrew to go to the final four with us after I had just told you that I really trusted Andrew, that I liked him, and that I wanted to carry him far.

I don't think people are giving me and Andrew enough credit, and that's pretty awesome. People assume that because we're new at LJ Games that we don't know what we're doing. The fact is that we orchestrated the first double eviction, and we were able to manipulate Aaron and control his reign as HoH, too. For some reason, though, I think this may end up hurting us down the road. Oh well. No one suspects now.

Andrew and I have a gameplan. We discussed it today and I like to call it "Power Player Pop". If the houseguests were baloons, we'd pop all the big ones first so that only the small leaking ones stay in with us. The power players as I see (and Andrew seems to agree, I think) are Nick K., Nick D., Jer, Ashleigh, and Aaron at the very bottom of the list. I only say that because so far Aaron has been very controllable. We want our ride to the final 2 to be as painless as possible, so we think that'll happen by keeping people like Mandy, Tina, Alyssa, and Caryn in the game with us. They wouldn't know what hit them because for one, no one suspects me and Andrew are aligned. Secondly, those girls would never organize themselves against us. We would just use each one of them to eliminate the rest of them, and smooth sailing from there.

My next target is Nick D. He just talks too much, he'll always be a swing vote, he's completely uncontrollable, and I don't think anyone knows where he stands. If he stands somewhere. Pending who wins HoH next week, my target may shift for a week or two, but as far as I'm concerned he's treading in pretty deep waters right now. Whatever we do, I think we need to keep evictions balanced. Jenn was lost last week from "Team Jenn" I'm gonna call it, which consists of Stacey, Jer, and Aaron from what I can tell. John took the bullet for "Team Ash" which is actually a little bigger right now. It consists of Marina, Ashleigh, Kyle, Alyssa, and I want to say Nick K. right now even though I think he'll end up playing his own game down the line. "Team Floaters" are Caryn, Mandy, Tina, and Nick D. Then there are me and Andrew, who have agendas of our own. I think that keeping evictions balanced is important to keep the vote we need to eliminate targets.

I think we'll be in a little danger if someone from Team Floaters wins HoH next week, because I think that they will probably try to take each other out (stupid them), to "play safe" and keep the rest of the house on their side. In the end they'll only be shortening their own game.

If someone from Team Ash wins next week, I think we can count on the backdooring of Jer, and I don't think that's terribly awful right now. If someone from Team Jenn wins, I think Nick K, Alyssa, Marina, and Nick D may be in a little bit of trouble. Watch me be wrong, though.

Hahaha, I sound like an asshole now. I'm really not. I just survived three evictions, and not only do I really want to, but I really think I can win now.

I hope tomorrow is an Ashless Tuesday.


So why did I play this game again?! lmao. I hate that this is coming down to me being eliminated, or someone that I've grown fond of. I HATE IT. I don't play these games to get "street cred" on the internetz. I play them to have fun and to meet new people. So far in this game I've met a handful of really cool people and I'm soooo glad to have gotten the chance to talk to. But the fact that Aaron is playing this game like it's a fucking war is so uncool. There was absolutely no point in putting me up against Marina except to make me and Marina upset. It is not a strategic move. We are not power players. We are not plotting against him. All we do is joke around and have a good time during group chats. What the fuck, man. If you wanna get rid of me, nominate me and put me up against someone you know will have more votes than me. don't rip the house apart and make everyone feel like shit by picking between to people that make the game a more enjoyable experience. UGH WHAT A HATER.

the part that really gets me is that he thinks he did me a favor by not back dooring me. He said he could have waited to put me up afte veto and not given me a chance at taking myself off at all, as if he thinks he has that much control over the house. There's no fucking way that Aaron would have convinced Tina to use the veto this time around. The only way he could have 'backdoored' me was if he got the veto himself, because nobody else in the game would have given in to him if he asked them to use it. ASS.

I'm also really annoyed with the fact that he thought it'd be cool to ask Alyssa to tell him if she knew how Marina and I used our coins, as if she was actually gonna give that information up. WHAT THE HELL. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT. Way to be a man of integrity, Aaron. Maaaaaan I wish he'd just drop the act already. IT'S TIRED.

anyway. This is a very angry diary entry, and for that I am sorry, dear reader. If I survive this week, I'll greet you with a happier one next time. <3


Okay, first of all I would like to start off by saying Nick D. can eat a dick.

He must've had a shitload of dicks stuck up his ass today or something, based on the conversation we had...

Kyle: Hiiii nick!
Nick: hi.
Kyle: you sound so enthused, haha! Whats upp?
Nick: Getting dressed. I'm hungry.
Kyle: haha, well what did you do todayy?
Nick: Getting food. bye.
*Nick is away*

I'm not usually one to overanalyze a silly AIM conversation, but I can tell when someone doesn't want to talk to me. I don't know if he was having a bad day or something, but all signs point to Nick D's last name being D-I-C-K!!

I made a new friend today. His name is Andrew. I know, I know - I said he was boring before. But he thinks I'm funny and after talking to him more today, I think the same about him! At least he makes an effort to keep the conversation going... He is no longer on my boring list. Wanna know who is?

NICK D. At the top. With a thousand asterisks. (I know he'll probably have some sort of lame explanation whenever he comes back from getting food, but this is pretty much the only thing I can complain about so far this game. The cast is way too nice and there comes a time where you have to start nit-picking anything you can. PLUS if I win HOH next week, I'll have an easier decision to make...) And for all I know, I could be on HIS target list.

Also on the boring list this week:

- Tina. I know we had a good conversation last week, but it was when she was nominated. Is that the only time she's ever going to care about talking to other people? She isn't going to get far in this game, unless she has some sort of powerful alliance nobody knows about. Which wouldn't really shock me. No one really knows ANYTHING about Tina.

- Mandy. I'm sorry hun, but your daily online limit conflicts with mine. I go on late at night, you're on in the early evening. This means ZERO talking time. I've enjoyed the couple of conversations I've had with you so far, but honestly, it's not enough to keep you off Kyle's boring list...

- Ashleigh. You haven't spoken to me ONCE since you were nominated. Hm. I am ALWAYS the one to start our conversations. I'm not going to lie, you're really funny and I enjoy talking to you, but I made a point NOT to start a conversation with you this week to see if you would start one, and guess what? You FAIL.

- Todd. (Ooo, shocking, I know!) - Todd is my best friend in the house right now, and we have a solid alliance going on - but all he ever talks about is Shane! He sends me pictures of Shane, he talks about how long he talked on the phone with Shane, he talks about visiting Shane in the future, how "in love" he is with Shane after TWO WEEKS. It's cute and all, but PLEASE can we talk about something that doesn't revolve around Todd's love or sex life? Honestly, has there been such a conversation that exists? It's funny in a way. Todd's cute, but I get bored as fuck when someone goes on and on and on about their love interests.

And so concludes my boring list of week two.

Anyhoodles - It appears Aaron has decided to nominate Ashleigh and Marina for eviction.
My reaction?
Shocked, to say the least.
I definitely did NOT expect him to come out with such a big move. In fact, I applaud him for it. I would have gone the safe route and nominated two inactives, but I guess he wanted a power player to be eliminated. And I say YAY to him for getting rid of this potentially powerful all-girl alliance that is Ash, Alyssa and Marina. I love the three, but they made their alliance known. (Or did Jer call them out?) Either way, I'm not going to complain about eliminating a strong player.

However, I DO want Marina to stay with all of my heart. She's an amazing girl. Funny, outrageous, a blast to talk to. She actually STARTS conversations with me! Wow! A rarity in this game! (*Smells breath once more* ... It can't be me!)

Tina *SOMEHOW* won the Veto. (And quel surprise, Mandy did not participate) - But her reasoning is totally understandable. I remember when I was 15, my parents had even STRICTER rules about the internet. We have dial up, and my parents always thought they were getting important phone calls while I was online, so they limited my online time to an hour a day. (And most of the time it was at 10:00 P.M.) My Dad even had me "earn" online time by working outside for him, cutting wood with an axe and picking up sticks in the woods and putting them into nice little piles. Work that is NOT CUT OUT for your average femme boy. Hmph.

OH! It is a day before eviction, and Ashleigh NOW decides to start a conversation with me.
Ashleigh: "KYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLE I'M DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!! :[ :[ :["

Well, should have said something before I wrote all this shit, Ashleigh. I'm sorry I can't help you, now. But I'm going to pretend I care whilst laughing inside. :)

But I digress.

Tina won the Veto, didn't use it, and now the nominations remain Marina and Ashleigh.
I already promised Marina my vote.
Too bad, Ashleigh. Sorry, love! <3

Oh, and I forgot to add one more thing -


That is all.
*Dances naked*


And the drama seems to be continuing even by the people that have been evicted. I thought Jenn was a pretty good person when I first met her, but I am glad shes gone. I hate her stupid comments she makes towards certain people in the community. This weeks vote was pretty hard... I think both girls are amazing people, but Marina and I just happened to talk more and connect more easily. I also think I can gauge Marina a bit better than Ashleigh so I feel a bit more safe keeping her.


Christ almighty Ash really laid the guilt on me yesterday. I told her
that I thought most people had the mindset that it would be majority
against her no matter what, and that I was undecided with my vote. And
fair enough, I have talked to her a lot more than Marina, even though,
as witnessed in previous DRs this week, I had become frustrated with
the way Ash is playing the game. Still, she was right. It was shitty
for me to consider otherwise.

The thing is...I think there is a genuine possibility that enough
people might feel the whole "Ash has enough votes to go home anyway"
vibe that they'll vote Marina just for the hell of it. That's what
Nick D. did. I think I am the only one that knows this at this point.
According to ND, Todd voted Ash; according to Ash, Todd voted Marina.
Todd and I agreed we wouldn't tell each other how we voted out out
respect for Marina and Ash being our friends. SO...breakdown of votes:

For sure against ASH: Jer, Andrew, Stacey
Most likely against ASH: Mandy, Todd, Kyle
Most likely against MARINA: Caryn, Alyssa, Tina
For sure against MARINA: Nick D., Nick K.

If Ash leaves: I should be fine. In my farewell video to her I paid
respect to her, and outed that I did vote to keep her...but I think
people will respect my sincerity. Plus, for people like Andrew and
Stacey, they're just going to be happy enough that Ash left anyway.

If Marina leaves: Wow, well, Ash will be happy with me, but I do risk
pissing off Stacey, Andrew and Aaron. Though, they won't see my
farewell video to Ash, and I'll be a little more casual with what I
say to Marina. I think this will scare Aaron/Andrew/Stacey/Jer more
into the belief that Ash around with a strong following of
Tina/Caryn/Alyssa and possibly Todd and/or Kyle will be enough to make
them trust me, as at that point, they probably cannot afford to
ostracize me. Plus, they're not going to shun both Nick D. and myself.
Since ND and I trust each other mega, we'd let the other know if one
side was plotting against the other.

The name of my game right now is sincerity. The only problem is I
don't know if this can be long term.


Strictly personal DR here.

By no means I am giving up this game, but for the first time, I feel
playing in an ORG is seriously taking a toll on my daily life. I
played nearly thirty Survivor games in the four-year period 2001-2004;
hosted a few as well. Went off the map when I started college in '04
all the way until summer '06 when I debuted again in OS 6, and began
hosting a series of games at Games_LJ.

I haven't played since that one game in '06. I have never played Big
Brother in my life. I have also never played with a post-college
(post-school for that matter) real-world job...wow. This is killer. I
signed up for this thing because I believed that I'd have a lot of
free time (in any office, I was quick to learn, productivity in a
given day is about 40% unless you're under a crazy deadline). So far,
time is not an issue. The traveling I do isn't even an issue. It's the
weight of the worry.

I don't know if it is because I am older now and I see more scenarios
before me now...maybe I was naive to others in the game back then.
Maybe, and truly, maybe the nature of being in the depths of a Big
Brother game is just that much more crazy stressful than anything I
have experienced before...HoH, politics, nominations, strategy,
talking behind backs, playing both sides, veto, conspiracies, allies
turned enemies, outcomes, 50-50 chances and a slew of what-ifs...wow.
I had no idea. I don't know if this is because I am rusty or if
because I have never experienced BB, but hats off, this game is just
fucking crazy the way it is laid out. I mean, it would be one thing if
you were living IN the house, and not balancing it with a full-time,
salary job.

It is this constant worry in the back of my mind. I'm restless. I'm
constantly on edge. FUCK what is happening to me. I have never been
this knotted up before because of an online game. Maybe this is my
fault -- I look at the way Nick D. is approaching the game, and mad
respect. He doesn't worry himself with the minute details. He plays
everything as it comes, makes decisions on his own, apologizes to no
one. And, when all is said and done, he is just as safe--if not,
safer--than my current position in the game. The starkness in
strategies is beyond me.

All I know is that this will be the (first, and) last Big Brother I
play. Survivor, eh, maybe again in the future. And hey, I may go back
on this statement entirely. But Jesus Christ, I am going back to
hosting after this. I am a wreck, and all the while, I am trying my
best to come off cool, calm and collected. I know this isn't normal.
For anyone...especially not me. I'd like to think it is because I am
just that determined to win. I mean, why else would this give me
anxiety? For christ sake I have never been on an ounce of medication
besides antibiotics, and I could go for a Xanax right now.

So, either this game will pay off, or it won't. I'm sure I'll
eventually justify a way that it will...but it is just that unknown.
The unknown as to how it will end. Every turn. It kills me.


Well. This week sucked majorly. I managed to avoid eviction, thank god, but then I was picked in the veto. And due to shitty timing in my real life, I didn't know I was picked to play in the competition until it was too late. Which caused Caryn to make some snide comment about not being surprised I didn’t play. Well excuse me, Your Highness, but some of us have prior commitments. Yes, I would have liked to play in the veto, had I known about it. But real life precedes the game in my priority list, and that’s what had to happen this week.


Thank god for Todd and Stacey. Seriously. They really helped me decided who to vote for, presenting their arguments in logical form and making me see that Ashleigh really needed to get out of the house. Like, soon. She was a puppet master and I didn't even see it. Which sucks because she was really funny and sweet too.

Not to mention real life issues. You know, grades and such nonsense. It’s quite the messy deal. Which makes me sad because my parents are threatening to make me quit the game. Hopefully THAT won’t happen.

We’ll see how the rest of the week carries out.

Secret Coin Distribution

CARYN - Aaron 5, Ashleigh 1, Marina 1, Tina 1, Mandy 1, Caryn 1
MARINA - Aaron 5, Ashleigh 5
TINA - Tina 5, Ashleigh 3, Mandy 2
ASHLEIGH - Ashleigh 10
AARON - Tina 10
MANDY - random.org due to non-participation - Ashleigh 4, Mandy 6

Tina wins veto with 16 coins.


I vote to evict Ashleigh.

*bleeped cussed words repeated*


but I vote to evict and pretty much betray marina, because my loyalty went to ash for. Nice job of breaking up word nerd alliance. UGH

I vote to evict Ashleigh because my F2 alliance wants it (I owe him for John), and because I think Ashleigh could be the strongest player in the game if left in.

I vote to evict Ashleigh because if I don't, she'll just try to put me up on the block next time.

So here it goesss.

I vote to evict .....


I'm sorry, Ashleigh - but this week you've proven yourself useless to me in this game. You've been extremely nice to me, you're hilarious and a lot of fun, but you failed to start a single conversation with me until 5 minutes ago when you announced that you were "doomed." Truth be told, Marina has talked to me a lot more which means I can trust her a lot more. This was definitely a tough vote, and for all I know you could be here next week - but this is just me making a point.


huckhasfleas: i just texted shane "can we get married yet?"
huckhasfleas: and he texted back "you know i'm gonna say yes"
huckhasfleas: lol
AppleMan050: lmao
huckhasfleas: you gotta come to our wedding
AppleMan050: Oh, definitely! :D Flower girlll!!

*Rolls eyes*

I vote to evict Ashleigh because I connected a lot better with Marina. We talked a lot more than Ashleigh and I did.

I vote to evict Ashleigh because she has control of about half the house and it seems like a wise move to get rid of her as early on as possible.

I would like to vote to evict Marina.

I vote to evict ASHLEIGH because she's controlling too much of the game.

I vote to evict Marina.

At the end of the day, I have just not had as many sincere
conversations with you. I know that some of my allies could
potentially be pissed at me for taking out you instead of Ash, but
this vote is purely because I have more of a bond with Ash. Not to say
that you are not a cool person! Anyway, peace out.

I vote to evict Ashleigh because I think she is a bigger threat than Marina at this time.

From: omgyes__
2009-04-08 04:55 am (UTC)
you labeled Kyles entry as Nick D

also, only gotten through like three DRs and let me just say

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: skie
2009-04-08 05:27 am (UTC)
that was a boo-boo in my template, sorry. it's fixed now :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-08 04:58 am (UTC)
kyle's todd conversation won this.


Edited at 2009-04-08 05:00 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-08 05:04 am (UTC)

I swear to Christ Almighty... I was playing a completely different game than the rest of you people.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-08 05:06 am (UTC)

sorry you all think I wasn't initiating conversations with you based on the fact that I was out to get you. Truth be told, I just suck at AIM. I DON'T EVEN IM ALYSSA FIRST. COME ON.
(Reply) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-08 11:32 am (UTC)
I don't initiate AIM conversations well either. I'm always afraid I'm bothering people.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-08 06:23 pm (UTC)
you are doing gooood now though!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-08 09:28 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to at least! :D And I'm doing it despite my busy schedule that only allows me 15 seconds online a day! ;)
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From: monkeybear242
2009-04-08 10:54 pm (UTC)
I'm trying to remember when I started getting angry in the DRs. I always did them like, an hour before the deadline.

Wow I even SOUNDED like an inexperianced pawn this week. *wince*
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-09 03:15 am (UTC)
this was the week where I basically felt guilty for being alive
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-15 06:55 am (UTC)
i did not actually intend to guilt trip you, for what it's worth.

also, icon <3
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nick_xxx
2011-03-22 07:52 pm (UTC)

and thanks for the respect Nick K :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nick_xxx
2011-03-22 08:07 pm (UTC)
more more more this is only week 2 we haven't even got to the juicy stuff yet. WE all want more DR's from the best season with the best host <3
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