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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 2 - Big Brother LiveJournal: Reunion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion

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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 2 [Apr. 7th, 2009|07:27 pm]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion




Twist - 2 or 3 - A secret message appeared on the monitor during the HoH competition. It was revealed after the competition that in BBLJ8, Heads of Household could nominate 2 OR 3 houseguests for eviction. If 3 houseguests were nominated for eviction, only 2 random veto players would be selected and the veto MUST be used to take one houseguest off the block. Throughout the entire run of BBLJ8 until this twist ended, not once did a houseguest nominate 3 houseguests for eviction (outside of a later twist in week 4).

HoH Competition - Saturday Morning - Houseguests had to identify still frames from the introductions to various 1980's cartoons. In case of a tie (which occured), a speed round was played using children's live action programming instead of cartoons. Won by Aaron

Veto Competition - Money Changes Everything - A familiar "coins in the bank" challenge adapted from an actual BB6 (tv) competition. Contestants were given 10 silver dollars to place in other contestants banks. The person who got closest to 20 without going over won. In case of lack of participation, random.org would be used to distribute the coins. Won by Tina

Aaron nominates Ashleigh and Marina, Tina does not use the veto, Ashleigh evicted 8-3



I still don't trust Todd haha.

I think he talks to everyone the same and he doesn't know what he is doing 100%.

That was me in past games. I would not have trusted me in past games. Therefore I do not trust Todd. Nor do I see myself EVER trusting Todd.

Nick K told me he thought the twist that was posted about meant that the next HOH had to put up three people.

Now I think I did pretty damn good on this challenge... Now I am not sure I want to be the HOH if that is the case.

Putting up 2 people is hard enough putting up 3 people is torture. That will put a target on your back from 2 people no matter what. Maybe 3 if one of them wins the veto...

As of right now there is only one person in this house that I would say I was an "ally" of. Which is Nick K. I wouldn't say that we have an alliance exactly. But we have each others backs. Or at least that is what I have made of what was said.

Oh back to putting people up if I won HOH. I would say I would probably put up Caryn and Stacey. The reason for Stacey being completely out of grudge.

I would love to see her leave this house more than anyone. I cant stand having to look at her everyday. And hear her annoying voice.

It is always drama with her. She clearly does it for attention.


THE PLAN this week is for either Aaron or myself to win HoH. Aaron and
I have not had all that many personal conversations, but I believe we
are starting to trust each other more and more simply because we "get"
the strategy in the game and are very competent in challenges. We
worked together until about midnight last night--could not for the
life of us find #18 or #23. Speaking for both of us, we'd both be
satisfied if either of us won HoH this week.

Towards the end of the night, Nick D. IM'd me and informed me that he
had about 24 answers. Wow. Now, he had some that Aaron didn't have,
but I didn't feel right telling Nick D. the ones that Aaron found and
vice versa. So I was kinda the middle man, and worked a deal with ND,
promising him that if he allowed me to use some of his answers,
combined with the ones I'd have, I'd win HoH. Done deal, and this
established spoken trust between the two of us, which was long

...Then, Aaron signs on this morning and also has the answer to #6,
which was the critical one that ND somehow found. The plan now is for
both Aaron and I to tie in case other people found 23 of them--then we
have a shot of one of the two of us winning HoH. If it just ties
between Aaron and myself, then I will happily take the reign as HoH.
Possibly nominating three people per the twist.

Also, note to self, Kyle is a cool kid and I trust him, but he was a
bit shady with some of his answers and responses last night. Aaron
even pointed this out. I asked Kyle if he knew any current scores from
other contestants, and he decided to hold back the fact that ND told
him he had 24. That's fine, no big deal...but all this means to me is
that there is still some separation between Kyle and myself as far as
absolute trust is concerned.

Meanwhile, the Marina/Ash/Alyssa snowball continues to roll people
into their clique. Todd, Kyle and I are a part of this, and I do
believe the six of us have an unspoken alliance. The girls are all
pretty heavy against Stacey at this point, but Todd and I know to keep
relations with her positive. I am going out on a limb here, but as far
as Stacey is concerned, I think I may be one of her closest friends
remaining in the game. She sure doesn't make it easier for herself by
putting her grudges against people in the public (Tina). Though I
could be dead wrong on this, and she could want me out, because Jenn
definitely was not happy with me when I told her I voted against her.
This revenge could be carried out against me via Stacey, but until
that happens, the only thing I can do is keep things upbeat with her.

Todd: is awesome. When discussing the possibility of me becoming HoH
last night, before I even said anything about the possible
nominations, boom, he dead-on called the exact three I would make,
even down to the fourth if veto comes into play. This was pretty
comforting to see that we really are on the same level in this game
right now. All the while, I am keeping track of the people that have
told me not to trust Todd (Ash, Nick D.)...not because I don't trust
Todd, but to be mindful of how I talk about Todd when I am in
conversation with these people. I need to keep up the illusion (if it
exists in the minds of others) that Todd and I merely get along, not
F2 cohorts.

I can't get any conversation past the point of puberty when talking
with Jer. This is unsettling because of his challenge potential. The
same can be said about conversations with Markandy, Tina, and
Caryn--but their challenge performance is unknown at this point.

anyway gotta pee, later


I made it through the first week, thank god. Sucks that John and Jenn had to go, but that's the game. And I really thought that I had the HoH in the bag, too. Hopefully I'll get to play in POV, keep myself safe.

I worry about Todd. It seems like he's hanging all his hopes in this game on me for some reason.

Well, can't worry about that much now- while I doubt POV will go up till after the holiday, you never know.


So, Nick K. and I have really started bonding/strategizing like crazy. The eve of the first vote. NK and I sat down and began talking about the vote. John was a given. But the Jenn/Tina vote was the kicker. What we ended up doing is looking at the people, the votes, and what is going on… and we figured it was a 4-4 vote with NK and I the swing vote. We then tried to think of all possible scenarios, and in the end, decided that Jenn had to go.

One thing I have always said… is that I am willing to change my mind, and change my plans if the right argument is made. NK and I logically made the decision together. We were the reason Jenn left (sorry girl). The vote went down exactly as we suspected.

Our newfound friendship took another step in the HOH session.

We basically shared answers. Getting to the number of 23. We figured that if we got HOH, we can work together in figuring out the next set of moves.

And it worked… shockingly.

I know I am relying on Nick K a lot in the early game. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not… but for now… it seems to be working, and I have a strategizer in this game… which is vital for me right now.

As long as I get past round three, I will break my LJ game curse



I'm no longer HOH and it sucks. Mainly because my safety, and the safety of those in my alliance, is up in the air. I don't like this, one bit. Here's another thing that I'm not completely sold on; the Word Nerds. That would be my alliance with Ashleigh and Alyssa, but I'm sure Alyssa has alllreadyyy told you omggggggggg. She's nice. But I think she has a nasty case of Tourettes.

I'm starting to wonder if I should have gotten into an alliance with Todd, Andrew, and Ashleigh in the beginning. I love Ashleigh. Todd is awesome. I don't know about Andrew. I don't know about him, because I literally don't know about him. I know nothing about him. And I'm supposed to trust him. Do not want.

I should have gotten into an alliance with Nick, although I guess there's kind of an unspoken one. I know he's going to do whatever it takes to keep Ash and I safe and I appreciate that. He's such a nice guy. And really, really funny when he's drunk. I don't know. I just like him.

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty useless in this game. I'm hoping to the lawd jaysus christ that I'm not nominated this week, especially alongside Ashleigh or Todd, even moreso Nick. That would suck.

Hopefully this week goes by smoothly for myself and my people.

PS Roberto, I adored the HOH and really wished I could play in it.


Wow, I hate to say it, but I am definitely off of the Ashleigh
bandwagon. Unfortunately for her, so is everyone else in the game. The
thing is--I still like the girl. I really do. But in the past week,
I've had to start every IM conversation with her. Either I am blind
and she truly doesn't like me as a person, or she is the one who is
totally blind to her ignorant ways. For christ sake, by now it is
common knowledge that Aaron is putting her on the block. Thus far I am
2-for-2 in weeks where I have served as the entire Cabinet for the
HoH...I hear out all of the thinking process, and I support it with my
own advice. Aaron told me out his thinking process, and truthfully, it
makes sense. Aside from going the inactive route of noms
(Mandy/Tina/Caryn) -- who the fuck else would one nominate? A: your

I don't blame Aaron...if Ash has made just as many attempts to get to
know Aaron as she has me...well, she should see this coming. The thing
is, I think she is in the dark about this. Busy with other shit?
Maybe. Way too over confident now that your arch-enemy Jenn is out of
the game? Probably. This whole thing better be a wake up call to her,
because if she is left standing on the block, she'll be gone. If not,
Marina. Splitting them up should be interesting--hopefully one will
learn from the other after the fact.

So maybe this is a good thing I didn't win HoH. I mean, hey, I
would've had to taken out Ash at some point in the game, and the
earlier the better -- I just didn't want to be the one that had to do
it. Ash being gone before jury means two things: 1), She honestly is
not that of "shrewd" of a player as everyone things considering her
track record, and 2) Probably never sign up for a game that has Jenn
in it again, this basically destroyed your integrity. Also bonus: 3),
David Cook.

For now, for me...I am not in danger. Time to lay low and maintain
positive relationships with everyone. GOAL THIS WEEK: BUILD
CONVERSATION WITH JER. I swear to fucking christ if I win HoH next
week that dude is toast. There is no way any fucking person is that
good at challenges or the internet in general by being on only three
minutes of the day. Even though he is off of AIM, I know he is online,
lurking on the web. Dude must have no life and is completely socially
inept if he thinks he is going to win over friends by being visible
only 1% of the day while performing like a beast in challenges. It's
just not how you should play the fucking game.

Again though, the man somehow has influence over Aaron. Maybe he is
playing a wicked game of e-mail chains and I am oblivious to his
genius. I don't know. I know not to be cocky. But fuck christ damn
shit this guy is a fucking douche bag.

Next week: watch Jer and I bond and make an F2
Until then,
yours lovingly,
Nick J. Lon (this is nowhere close to my real name)


I may or may not have made a tactical mistake last week.

I gave all of my goodbye messages, and I gave out a plan... revenge on Jenn.

It is not really revenge on Jenn... again, Nick K. and I were the ones who
voted her out, but it is the idea of revenge perhaps that is what may have
been an issue.

Once I realized my mistake, I deleted all of my boodbye messages.

But, the mistake had some unintended consequences. A couple of people saw
it. and word got out that I was looking for revenge on Jenn.

This is important, because I voted Jenn out... not to save her.

Ash has been quoted as saying that she was going to go after me, The
perfect smokescreen to go after her.

I told Ash that I wouldn't go after her, and I keep my word. This is going
to be the only sticking point. I almost always keep my word, and when I
said it, I had no plans to currently go after Ash. So, I need to build up
a defense, a reason for WHY I am going after her, breaking my word.

It is like GWB building the case of WMD's. Luckily, I think there is not
going to be a lot of smoke and mirrors involved here.

Right now, I am for sure putting up Marina for the nomination.

The question becomes more... nuanced... from here.

Do I allow Ashliegh to compete in the Veto, thereby giving her the ability
to take herself off?

Do I Nominate two people, and hope that Ash is not selected to play by
random selection?

Do I nominate three people, and hope I can beat Ash in the comp?

A lot of questions, and not a lot of answers.

If I nominate three people (Alyssa, Marina, Ash), then I guarentee that
the three most likely in an alliance together have to fight for themselves
and not for each other.

If I nominate Marina and Ash. They will fight for themselves, but I should
have three random people who would want them to stay on the block.

If I nominate Marina and Alyssa, if someone choses not to use Veto,
Ashliegh gets off scot free... and is now going to come after me.

I could strong arm, saying... if anyone uses veto, friends will go up on
the block, and risk being booted out. Of course, that leads to more
enemies... Remember... Honey... not Vinegar...

Right now, I am leaning toward Marina and Ash. Hopefully, it will be a 4-2
split in the VEto comp, and my side will win, and not use the veto.

if I do three people, it will be 3-3 at worst, but Ash and Marina would
have a better chance of saving themselves.

I still have some time to decide.



Today I have learned a lot. I rode a bike without training wheels for
the first time, had a dream last night that I went to Puerto Rico, and
I still haven't brushed my teeth today. Only recently have I showered.
If I keep this up, hopefully I will make at least 5th place. I am no
quitter but goddamn, it is cold outside right now.

Clearly that paragraph is analogous to relationships people have with
each other in this game: they make no sense whatsoever. From what I
understand, Aaron has been confiding in two people during his reign:
Kyle and myself. He showed each of us a video draft of his
nominations, but did not tell either of us that he also showed the
other. However, I found out that Aaron also showed Kyle, because Kyle
showed Todd--big mistake--and Todd passed along SUPAR SECRET
information to me. Thanks, Todd.

Then, five minutes ago, Marina comes to me and "lets me in" on an even
SUPARER SEKKRET: Marina and Ash are noms!!! "Marina, how did you find
this out?" I inquired. "Todd told me about a video." Ahhhh. Great. So
much for Todd just relaying his information to me. The more days that
go by, the more I discover Todd really cannot keep anything to
himself. Also, Kyle apparently.

Question of the hour: do I tell Aaron that his video has been passed
around? I played dumb to both Todd and Marina, even though I had good
and well saw the video for myself. The benefit to telling Aaron is
that he would then, without a doubt, trust me in all cases and
conditions over Kyle; but, Aaron is pretty smart and I know I can't
just use this as a type of force to keep him "my" ally. He could just
as well use this against me, spark up a conversation with Todd, and
boom, suddenly Todd knows that I am not all that confidential with
information he tells me. If you are still reading this coherently and
it all makes sense to you: awesome! You are a winner.

Other than that, Ash is the target this week. I like Ash, but damn, as
I said in my last entry, she is really lacking in her game
relationship with me. So this works out great for me to help save
Marina...win-win for me. Nominations will be posted within the hour,
so I best be on my way to help see out damage control.

If you've ever been to the Denver airport, you know exactly what I mean.


Week # 2 [Diary 1]:

Okeeee so I figured I would write this before the Nomination Ceremony and tell you a little bit about my week in the Big Brother house…

But first – OMG – This week of school was SO stressful. Like, OMG, I couldn’t believe how much work I had to do! I had to write an essay, take some lame ass photos for photography and I went to the gym and did a Women’s Workout video and the next day my body felt HORRID. It still does! And I am so EXHAUSTED. I slept all afternoon today! CRAZINESS! Someone needs to give me a massage! Todd – where are youuuu?

And no I do NOT have a secret crush on Todd! *Shifty eyes*

So after John and Jenn left the house, there wasn’t really much discussion about it. I mean NO ONE confronted me about it at all. I think most people assume I “went with the majority,” which I kind of made it sound like when I was strategizing with people. But really, I’m pretty sure I put the nail on the coffin when I pretty much TOLD Nick K to vote out Jenn so that we could MAKE a majority. From there, I TOLD Aaron he should evict Jenn as well because we have a majority. And that gave us the 6-4 vote.

I have no harsh feelings towards Jenn whatsoever, but I wanted to be on the safe side and eliminate competition early on. I needed to make sure I was voting with majority so that I wasn’t targeted this week. Jenn’s a sweetheart but someone had to go first. L

John, psssht, whatever.

So the Head of Household competition was a pain in my ass. It was a sweet challenge – one that I would use as a host as well - (one I would use to be a DICK :P) – but boy was my ass aching at the end. (Not in the good way, either!) Based on the screenshots Rob gave us, we had to locate the 80s cartoon theme song that went with it. It took me four hours to find TEN. *Slaps self* The rest I kind of bummed off of Nick K and Aaron and I traded some of the ones I knew to them. I don’t know HOW I knew those two would do well, but I randomly decided to help both. (Mostly because they said they wanted the HOH). And if they want HOH, why not help them? (It helps them and ME in the long run).

So, I was in a pretty good position, needless to say, when I noticed Aaron and Nick K tied. Ooo! I didn’t really care who won. They both promised me safety. *Angel eyes*

So Aaron came out victorious, and I haven’t really heard from him since. Today he asked me for my opinion, and I told him that if it were me, I would go with the people I haven’t really spoken with. (*COUGH* - Caryn and Andrew). Aaron asked if there was someone who should NOT go up. I told him I thought Todd should be safe this week, as well as Marina, Ashleigh and Nick K because they’re power players and it would be too big a move to nominate them so soon.

Todd’s been talking about him self a bit less, haha. I really get along with him and I feel like I can trust him! I definitely want to stick with him throughout the remainder of this game. (He tells me a LOT of things and gossip, which I love… I don’t even have to ask! Oh, gay guys! <3) I LOVE Marina and I think it would be PERFECT to work with those two and make it to F3 together. I’d dance all day if that ever happened! Just hope Todd isn’t playing me L

More after the Nomination Ceremony! :D

Tata for now!




I feel like so much has happened since I wrote my last one of these.

Okay, so I nominated John after Jer took himself off the block. I didn't trust the guy, and I didn't know him. Ashleigh was real pissed because she obviously had an alliance with him (this became evident after his exit interview), and so I was wrong. He didn't have an alliance with Jenn; he had one with Ash. Oh well.

Ashleigh's group is getting really strong. She has Marina and Alyssa, she thinks she has me and Nick K, and she would have had John if I didn't nominate him. He obviously bothered more people than me, though, because he was voted out at an outstanding vote of 8 to 2. I didn't lie in my nomination video though. I nominated John because I felt like I connected with him the least in the house. Caryn came pretty close, but John felt different. Other people all supported John going on the block -- many of them were like "Who's John?" Now, I pushed for John's exit for completely different reasons. The first is I didn't trust him. The second is that he IMed me and said that nice guys don't win, and that I'll be crushed by the others. After a comment like that I had to get him out. I talked to Nick K, who I've become friends with lately, I feel like, and he helped me convince people to vote for John.

The two that did not vote for John were Jer and Ash. I'm about 80% sure of that.

Anyway, after John's exit, Aaron became our new HoH, and thank god my reign was over. I hated the spotlight. I was addressing the house too much for my liking, and now I don't have to make huge decisions. I can just vote.

Aaron surprised everybody with his nominations - Marina and Ashleigh. I'm really sad Marina is up, actually, because I've gotten to know her a lot lately, and I consider her a friend. I found that me and Ash don't click anymore, at least not in this game. :( Anyway, I'm pushing to get her out over Marina. If I win POV I will keep nominations the same to ensure Ashleigh exits. I like Ashleigh as a person so much, but in this game... she is too many people's #1, she is playing really hard, and I have no doubt that she will eventually try to get rid of me. That, and she's not good for Andrew.

Speaking of Andrew, I need to talk to Andrew more. lol I stayed on the phone with somebody and ignored Andrew tonight and he had to go. I need to e-mail him or something so that he knows our F2 alliance is still on. I'd hate for him to revoke that, because right now it's the only thing I'm counting on.


Aaron is a dirty liar.

This is our exchange from Monday:

Cluka 99 (4:11:32 PM): If I vote out Jenn, will I be safe next round?
A Naked Light (4:15:17 PM): haha i have no idea. I'm not going to beg you for your vote because it's not my vote to ask for. if she's out she's out. but i have absolutely no desire to eliminate you right now. so as far as im concerned, you would be.
A Naked Light (4:15:25 PM): regardless of how you voted.
Cluka 99 (4:15:31 PM): coolio
Cluka 99 (4:15:41 PM): I don't want y ou out either
A Naked Light (4:16:07 PM): aww yay :]
Cluka 99 (4:16:39 PM): and as you know... I am a person of my word
A Naked Light (4:16:50 PM): yes you are!

REALLY?! A PERSON OF YOUR WORD?!? I don't think I can properly convey how hard that pissed me off. Aaron and I both agreed to come into this with a blank slate. I like the guy and really felt like we'd gotten off on the wrong foot. I've spent the whole game talking him up to people and telling people that I consider him to be a trustworthy guy, despite the fact that they don't trust him, and then he turns around and does this. This not only ruins any credibility he has with me, but it ruins it with anybody that I've been telling that he's a trustworthy guy. By nominating me, he's basically tripled his chances for eviction next week. Nice job, ass hole.

Out Exchange from Friday:
A Naked Light (3:44:37 PM): so are you just trying to get me back for slj or what? lol.
Cluka 99 (3:44:47 PM): nope
Cluka 99 (3:44:56 PM): solely what I heard over the last couple of days
A Naked Light (3:45:08 PM): oh. you told me monday that you didnt want me to be eliminated, and i really thought you meant it
A Naked Light (3:45:12 PM): NAIVE.
Cluka 99 (3:45:23 PM): I didn't until I was told you were gunning for me
A Naked Light (3:45:28 PM): IM NOT!!!!
A Naked Light (3:45:28 PM): WTF.
Cluka 99 (3:45:36 PM): and that you had said that I was an idiot for trusting you
A Naked Light (3:45:44 PM): ...
A Naked Light (3:45:49 PM): i. have never said this.
A Naked Light (3:45:52 PM): period.
A Naked Light (3:46:08 PM): aaron. i like you. i have absolutely NOTHING against you.
A Naked Light (3:46:20 PM): as hard as it may be for people to believe, i want to be able to earn peoples' trust.
A Naked Light (3:46:26 PM): im not a snakey person.
Cluka 99 (3:46:42 PM): well, I heard... from several people, that my head wason the block
A Naked Light (3:46:54 PM): that's absolutely absurd.
Cluka 99 (3:46:56 PM): that Jenn was first, I was next
A Naked Light (3:47:01 PM): no.
A Naked Light (3:47:08 PM): that has never EVER been the plan
A Naked Light (3:47:08 PM): ever.
A Naked Light (3:47:10 PM): EV.ER.
A Naked Light (3:47:28 PM): i dont claim to have that much power. im not dumb.
A Naked Light (3:47:42 PM): so even if i did want you out, there's no way i would plan that far ahead
Cluka 99 (3:48:01 PM): well, I was lead to believe that if you won this round
A Naked Light (3:48:02 PM): i take shit week by week. and as far as im concerned, you've given me NO REASON to want you out.
Cluka 99 (3:48:03 PM): I was going up
A Naked Light (3:48:05 PM): no.
A Naked Light (3:48:15 PM): if i had won this round, stacey and caryn would have gone up.
A Naked Light (3:48:39 PM): stacey, because she's been a royal snob to me, and caryn because we dont talk.
Cluka 99 (3:49:26 PM): I am not sure what to believe right now
A Naked Light (3:49:50 PM): well you obviously believed other people enough to actually take their word for it and put me up without even consulting me.
A Naked Light (3:50:01 PM):
come on now, im not even worth the benefit of the doubt? really?
Cluka 99 (3:51:27 PM): I did what I felt was best with the information I had. It wasn't personal, I can't play games that way.
A Naked Light (3:52:10 PM): so you're telling me that if someone comes to me and randomly tells me that OMG AARON HATES YOU AND THINKS YOU'RE TERRIBLE, that it's a good idea to believe them and not ask you about it?
Cluka 99 (3:52:32 PM): it wasn't one
Cluka 99 (3:52:33 PM): or two
Cluka 99 (3:52:38 PM): it was several
A Naked Light (3:52:55 PM): okay, WHY would i blab to half of the game about my elimination strategy?!?
Cluka 99 (3:53:47 PM): well, it could have been a case of peopel telling people
A Naked Light (3:54:03 PM): lol oh okay. because that makes it so much more reliable.
Cluka 99 (3:54:12 PM): I am not saying that
Cluka 99 (3:54:24 PM): but, all I know is that several peopel said the same thing
A Naked Light (3:56:23 PM): look. here's the deal aaron. I LIKE you. i meant what I said about not wanting you out of the game. I have no intention of trying to get you eliminated, and when you concluded our conversation with. 'and as you know, im a man of my word' i honestly believed you because i DO think that you have integrity. I was some what content in the fact that you meant it. and to see this just makes me think im an idiot for trusting that you WERE a man of your word. I mean i would understand if it was next week or the week after that you nominated me after saying that, but THE SAME WEEK!? why not just slap me in the face and call me a fool?
Cluka 99 (3:58:31 PM): I saw that my position in this game was threatened by what I heard you saying. I felt duped because you did the EXACT same thing to me before
Cluka 99 (3:58:34 PM):
I trusted you before
Cluka 99 (3:58:39 PM): and I got burned hard core
Cluka 99 (3:58:47 PM): and though I forgave that
Cluka 99 (3:58:50 PM): I didn't forgive
A Naked Light (3:58:51 PM): i DIDNT do the exact thing to you before. I FUCKING TOLD YOU that i was considering nominating you.
Cluka 99 (3:59:03 PM): wait
A Naked Light (3:59:04 PM): this? you flat out told me that you didnt want me out
Cluka 99 (3:59:05 PM): I didn't forget
Cluka 99 (3:59:20 PM): and you explicitly went after me last time too, after saying I was safe
A Naked Light (3:59:26 PM): no.
Cluka 99 (3:59:32 PM): yes you did Ash...
A Naked Light (3:59:39 PM): i never told you you were safe!
A Naked Light (4:00:21 PM): anyway. I really thought we were past that. and i really wanted to start fresh with you
Cluka 99 (4:00:25 PM): when I heard you were going after me
Cluka 99 (4:00:29 PM): in THIS game
A Naked Light (4:00:29 PM): but obviously you're unwilling to do that.
Cluka 99 (4:00:41 PM): I did question what you said before
A Naked Light (4:00:44 PM): thanks.
Cluka 99 (4:00:48 PM): and then... I heard it again
Cluka 99 (4:00:56 PM): and I questioned it again...
A Naked Light (4:01:00 PM): would you care to give me examples of what you heard?
Cluka 99 (4:01:03 PM): and then I heard it a third time
Cluka 99 (4:01:21 PM): and then I knew that I was in trouble
Cluka 99 (4:01:35 PM): I heard it during and after the HOH comp
A Naked Light (4:01:38 PM): soooo three people told you that i want you eliminated? could these three people be aligned and want me out of the game
Cluka 99 (4:01:40 PM):
that is why I busted ass to win it
A Naked Light (4:01:42 PM): come on aaron.
A Naked Light (4:02:02 PM): i. am not. gunning for you.
A Naked Light (4:02:06 PM): PERIOD.
A Naked Light (4:02:07 PM): jesus.
Cluka 99 (4:02:29 PM): then you gotta prove it to me
A Naked Light (4:02:41 PM): too bad I cant since im gonna be eliminated.
Cluka 99 (4:02:48 PM): I didn't backdoor you for a reason
A Naked Light (4:02:51 PM): lol okay.
Cluka 99 (4:02:59 PM): think about it
Cluka 99 (4:03:07 PM): peopel told me to backdoor you
Cluka 99 (4:03:14 PM): because I know they are scared of you
Cluka 99 (4:03:29 PM): they didn't want you to have a chance
Cluka 99 (4:03:34 PM): no... you definitely have a chance
A Naked Light (4:04:10 PM): right.

if he honestly thinks that I'm coming out of this with the same desire to "prove to him" that I'm not gunning for him, he's an idiot. If and when I survive this week, he has automatically found himself at #2 on my shit list, when he wasn't even on it before. There is a great sense of irony in the fact that he nominated me because "people" were telling him that I'm gunning for him, and his nominating me only served to MAKE me gun for him.

As soon as Stacey's out, Aaron is my next goal. Because lol, I'm so not getting eliminated this week. Nice try Aaron. Whoever's calling your shots for you just totally fucked up your game.


I was worried when I found out that Aaron made HOH. Even though I did not want it, he is someone that I have not talked to much at all so immediately I figured he would put me up for eviction. Thankfully he chose not to. I dont want to win POV this week either. Im upset that he put up Ashleigh and Marina, but someone has to be put up. Since I was selected to play in POV, I gave Aaron 5 coins and everyone else 1. I would rather he won so that he wouldn't use POV and therefore I wouldnt be up this week. He says I wont be up even if someone uses it but we'll see. Im starting to see the lies and drama in full swing. Sometimes its good to be a part of it, but I am staying back a little. I dont want to make my enemies known to well yet.


The aftermath is not a surprise. Several things happened that I expected.

Ash flipped out.

Alyssa was really upset

My video pre-leaked.

Yes, I knew it would get out. I gave it to three people: Nick K., Andrew, and Todd.

And I knew Todd would leak it. And he did.

Todd is a double edged sword. He is pushing both sides of the coin, and I know I am being set up as such… but I know I have friends in Andrew and Nick K.

My question is… how forceful should I be this Veto.

According to Caryn, she has already allocated the coins. I am not sure if I believe her… but I am going to keep track of all coins that go on.

The question is… do they want to win, or deny me the win? I am not sure if Ashliegh or Marina will work together knowing it could mean the other leaves… but if I were in their shoes… I would chance it.

Right now, If I need to replace anyone… I will do it with Nick D. or Todd. Two strong players who have strong allies… it would force Ash/Marina to campaign against them , and it would mean their allies would help them.

It is the best shot I have in getting of them out.

Oh, in other news… I have all three letters.

I know mine refers to the first Episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation. “Encounter at Farpoint.” The poem is clever… and I figured it out. (Dora PICARD) was the other one.

September 28, 1987 was its Premiere Date… and it doesn’t work as a password.

I think I am on the right track, I just need more time.



Hello, Rob, fellas, future readers, whatever.

So. I'm nominated. Against my good friend, Ashleigh.


I saw the POV this morning and I quickly posted. I gave Ash 5 coins and Aaron 5 coins. I don't want Aaron to win. I don't want Ash to win. But especially not Ash. If she wins, then it keeps her safe, but there's more of a chance I'm going home.

And I don't want to leave yet.



And it makes me sad that Nick feels guilty. He shouldn't feel guilty. He did everything he could to try to win HOH. FUCK. This is terrible.

I hope if I win POV and take myself off, that Alyssa will be put up so I can send her home. She's more of a risk than I want right now.

Also Rob, I went to the casino for the first time today. It was awesome. I lost 200$ playing the Deal or No Deal game.


Okay I need to go hang out with my friend now. He is cute and his name is Alex. And I like him. But he reminds me of an ex which sucks, but he's so much better than other Alex so it's okay.




So Aaron won HoH...

I don't really care that he put up Ashleigh and Manina. I do want to say thought I really hope it is Ashleigh that we end up voting out of this game. I think as this game goes Ashleigh will just end up getting manipulative. I SO see it in her.

I liked this week a lot though. I didn't get put up for nomination or have to participate in the veto competition. Neither did Nick K. So we got to relax this whole week and let the two what I guess are alliances from what I have been hearing... Take each other out of the game.

I think that if someone ends up taking Manina or Ashleigh off the block that Alyssa will go up in their spot and to be honest I would rather see either Ashleigh or Manina get kicked out the thing that worries me is that if Alyssa goes up against either of them I am not quite sure that she would have enough votes to stay in the game.

So here is to hoping that the nominations stay the same and that Nick K and I can continue to realax in this game.



The week is turning around!! HoH was hard as hell, I spent alll day watchin intros to eighties cartoons and only got 16 or 17! I was so proud of Aaron and Nick K. to have gotten 23 each, that is AMAZING! Anyway, even though I didn't win, I was also proud of myself and I hope it showed people that I AM putting time into this and that the 'inactive' card can't really be played anymore. Veto for me was something that I didn't really think I particularly needed to win (but of course wanted), so I kind of made a hasty decision that payed off. I gave myself half of my coins then randomly distributed the rest among two other players. Somehow I got 11 more coins and ended up with the most closes to 20 without going over. Now I have the rest of the day to decide whether I want to use the veto on Marina, who put me up week one, Ashleigh, who i've been in fairly steady contact with since week one, or neither, and protect my own ass as well as the rest of the house. Decisions, decisions.


I basically threw my trust into a person whom I haven’t spoken too much. She told me that she will not use Veto… and knowing that Ash and Marina would not use their own coins to give any to her… and knowing that no one things much of her… I gave all of mine to her.

And she won (as I expected and hope)

I just hope she keeps her word (she has so far…)


I'm almost on the brink of not getting enough Diary rooms in. It just seems like this week, because of the holiday, not much has really gone on game wise to say anything about.

One thing hit me earlier. I don't think Aaron may be as smart as I gave him credit for. Although it looks like nominations will stay the same and Ash will probably be leaving I still can't wrap my finger around why he didn't go with the plan I gave him to get Ash out. If Tina changes her mind and does use Vito we could be in trouble. I gave Aaron a full proof plan that would backdoor Ash and get her out. I also tried to convince him that I needed to keep Marina off the block to help our numbers but he didn't see the big picture. The question isn't if Marina is a threat-the real question is how big of a threat is Ashleigh? The Answer is probably the biggest in the game. I stand by this: if she doesn't go home this week she will win the game.

On another note Todd and I have started our "fake fight" in the house. Our plan is to eventually blow up at each other in a very staged, but realistic, way. So we started tonight by planting seeds on the comments to make people think we don't exactly get along.

Other than that I hope to really compete hard at this weeks HOH and take it home. Though if Ash gets evicted it'll be like Christmas came twice this year.


So Ashleigh and Marina are up for eviction. Are they part of my alliance? Yes. The "word nerd alliance" which is what david cook called himself on American Idol a word nerd. But we haven't done anything within our alliance. Now here we are, Tina holds the veto, if it is used. I'm going up no questions asked.


[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-08 02:34 am (UTC)
lol @ tourettes.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-08 02:46 am (UTC)
someday, someone will tell me who started the 'ASHLEIGH IS SUCH A THREAT' rumor.

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: coolbeans56
2009-04-08 04:24 am (UTC)
You made yourself the threat, and people realized it quickly. The Marina/Alyssa/Ash clique so early on really spooked people. Alyssa was your worst enemy in that regard. She could hardly ever keep a secret.

There is also the Drama Quotient, which I talk about in week 5.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-08 04:32 am (UTC)
no, i came into this game with that monkey on my back. the marina/alyssa/ash clique was a clique because the three of us just got along. i didnt feel like i was being talked about like I was some horrible looming force whenever I chatted with them.

I think people thought I was taking this game a lot more seriously than I actually was, and that's the part I will never understand. I don't know how that reputation was founded.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: light_on
2009-04-08 04:40 am (UTC)
Because you're amazing, duh. They could not handle it!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: coolbeans56
2009-04-08 12:40 pm (UTC)
but in the end Ash, cliques are dangerous. I mean, Alyssa let out of the bag very quickly that you two knew each other in Real life, and the very public show of support was also a nail in the coffin.

Finally, Alyssa wanting to throw herself on her sword to save you? I knew then that you had to go.

I have no ill feelings againt you, I actually think you are pretty cool. In the confines of the game, you were definitely playing a differetn game than everyone else, (as you said), and it didn't go your way.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-08 05:41 pm (UTC)
the pretentiousness of this comment makes me frown.

Thanks for educating me on the dangers of cliques.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: coolbeans56
2009-04-08 11:53 pm (UTC)

Survivor Game=, Cliques are great, in BB= Cliques Suck and usually fail. That is why I never do well in Survivor Games.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: omgyes__
2009-04-08 02:50 am (UTC)
hahah funny that everyone is worried about what i'll do
(Reply) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-08 02:52 am (UTC)
Of all the people in this game, I think the one I'm sorriest I didn't build more of a friendship with is NicK. Not for alliance reasons, either.

Although for the record, a LOT of my conversations never get past puberty. I'm like a 13 year old in a 34 year old body sometimes.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: coolbeans56
2009-04-08 03:58 am (UTC)
I always liked talking to you.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-09 03:23 am (UTC)
your non-existence on aim scared the everliving shit out of me
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-09 03:45 am (UTC)
I don't know why it would. I'm just not much of an AIM guy anyways, and when the game started I was going through a particularly anti-social phase.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-09 03:23 am (UTC)
I don't know what it was but it took me until week 4 in the game to really believe that andrew and todd were together so the fake fight really helped with that illusion
(Reply) (Thread)