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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 1 (pt 2) - Big Brother LiveJournal: Reunion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 1 (pt 2) [Apr. 1st, 2009|08:24 pm]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion





Right now I feel as though Im at a disadvantage because I have never played a game like this before. Almost everyone I have talked to has played before, except a couple people. Right now Im trying really hard to get to know a few people. However, I already see the lying and drama beginning so its hard to see who is for real and who is just bullshitting you in order to get you to vote for them, etc. Its going to be a very interesting game. Right now I know that Todd wants me up for eviction if someone gets vetoed on his side which is going to suck. I just hope it goes on Marina’s side instead. I’d like to continue to play for now.


I'm stuck at home dog sitting today, the Power of Veto results haven't been posted yet (the deadline is a little over an hour away), and I'm bored. I'm going to take this time to write out what I think about everybody so far.

Caryn – You know, to be honest, I haven't talked to Caryn much at all. She's been really nice the couple of times I've talked to her though. I think she's going to be an easy pick for eviction for the next couple of weeks because everybody sees her as inactive and wants her gone. Her boyfriend is on her screen name a lot, and not only is that obnoxious, but it's awkward. I talked to her a little bit yesterday and told her that I like her, but that if Jer or Mandy come down, I'm going to have to put her up. Again, it's nothing personal against her, but she's the only logical nomination left.

Alyssa – Alyssa is really really sweet. I talked to her right after I put up my nominations, and she was thanking me for not nominating her. I told her that just because I feel like I could know someone better doesn't mean they're inactive. She said she'd start talking to me more, but I honestly haven't seen that. We dork around in the Big Brother chats Stacey starts up for us sometimes, though. Nick K. told me she may be a fake and told me to watch her. I don't really care if she's a veteran in hiding or not. To me, everybody in this game is one person, and if they choose to let me know a fake person, that's their choice. I don't see it affecting the game one way or another at this point. I do think this is ammunition to get some light off of me if I ever need it in the future.

Nick K – You know, I trust Nick K. a lot. The problem is everybody trusts Nick K. a lot. I think everybody forgets he's a seasoned veteran at these games, and he's going to come up kicking some ass later, if not winning. I'm going to try not to let that happen, but for now I need him, he's cool, and I don't think I'm a target of his at this point. I hope not anyways. I told him I was thinking about quitting before when it was going through my head, so I don't think he sees me a threat. That's good. He told me he'd vote for Jer and Jenn, but Jenn told me Nick K. said she was voting Tina and Mandy if nominations stay the same. He's playing my game dammit. I wonder if he has any true alliances in this game, though. At least I can say I'm 100% honest with Andrew.

Andrew – I like this boy, a lot. Not that way. I trust him though, and I tell him everything I find out. He did my 20 weddings for the POV challenge and e-mailed them to me to pick through. The cool thing about Andrew is that he is a 100% newbie to these games, like me. We formed an alliance based on that alone. We're the underdogs. Nobody expects completely new people to win. I know for a fact that if I was on the block and he won the power of veto, he'd take me down. I'd do the same for him.

Jenn – Jenn is a great person and I think she's going to end up being a great friend. The way I see it though, in terms of survival in this game, openly being her alliance puts a target on my back. Not only that, but I'm not so sure she wouldn't stab me in the back later. I think it's best to get her out now before she can hurt me. It's nothing personal against her. I just want to get as far as I can. On the opposite side of all of that, her winning veto or somehow surviving elimination won't be the end of the world. She's someone everyone is watching, and I think it's best if there are people in this game hogging the spotlight. I don't want it.

thatgaych1ck (5:47:11 PM): yo!

"Austin" (5:47:16 PM): heyyyyyy

thatgaych1ck (5:47:19 PM): I hear you leaked a video I may want to see?

"Austin" (5:47:50 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4TYvRvTtc8

thatgaych1ck (5:47:59 PM): where did you GET this?

thatgaych1ck (5:48:04 PM): and can you find the other one???

thatgaych1ck (5:49:18 PM): how did you find his youtube page?

"Austin" (5:49:25 PM): ohh shittles i forgot you were in the game!

"Austin" (5:49:26 PM): oops

"Austin" (5:49:27 PM): haha

Oh well. Shit happens, I guess.

Marina – God, I love Marina. Not only did she follow through with my plan 100%, but people believe that we really argued during nominations. Not only that, but I was afraid to be the first HoH before because it puts a target on my back for the rest of the game. Sharing the responsibility with someone like her was amazing, though, because she came off as such a huge bitch. I don't know if she did it on purpose or what, but NOBODY is talking about me, Andrew told me. Everybody's talking about how courageous Marina is for putting an active player on the block. Not just that, but Jenn started calling Marina Ashleigh's puppet, so their alliance is out in the open. Also, many people (Stacey, Jenn, Jer) told me that if they win HoH next week they're putting up Marina and Ashleigh. Any light on them is darkness for me, so I'm okay with that. Whether or not I feel like I need to campaign to save one of them, I'll know next week. I'll explain that in Ash's section.

Aaron – Aaron seems like a nice guy, but I find him really hard to trust. He feels like he can trust me, though, and that's good. He told me he's on Jenn's side of the whole Jenn/Ash thing. Aaron is not someone I want to see in the final four with me because he's so secretive and I believe he will get me out if he thinks he can.

Mandy – I'm about 95% sure now that Mark is playing for Mandy. I found out pretty recently that Mandy is Mark's daughter. That information was cool. I didn't connect dots at first. Lately though he's been IMing me at night and telling me stuff like "You're going to win," "You're the next Rob," and "Mandy trusts you." I don't know… Just, I feel like he knows too much about his daughter's intentions in this game. I guess there's the possibility that they're close and tell each other everything, but I seriously doubt it. Furthermore, they are never online at the same time. Either way, I'm going to try to remain good with Mark. He told me he can't believe I don't have a boyfriend. I had one for three years until last November, and I'm waiting for the right one now, but that's beside the point. Anyway, comments like that lead me on to think he likes me. I'm not going to stoop as low as flirting with him – he could be my dad – but I'm not going to be mean to him either. I have a general rule that I made for myself that I'm following with him too: I'm not talking to any veterans about my motives or gameplay in this game. Austin already had sent my nominations vid to Jenn, and that just showed me I can't trust any veterans.

Jer – GOSH DANG IT. Jer confuses the hell out of me. At first I wanted him gone, but now I'm not so sure. He IMed me and we talked about him being up. I told him it was nothing personal, and I feel really bad, but he can't honestly say we've talked much, and the few times we did talk it was because I messaged him first. He said sorry about that, that he needs to work on it. He also said he understands. I helped Jer with his veto by sending him my 20 answers. He said he has some really unique ones, so I hope he wins. No matter what happens, I don't want to win this. I need the light off of me at this point.

huckhasfleas (11:11:05 PM): i think if we get stacey in hoh

huckhasfleas (11:11:07 PM): or someone like that

huckhasfleas (11:11:12 PM): ash and marina will go up

flamingtoilet316 (11:11:31 PM): well on the plus side- while you can't play next HoH, neither can marina

huckhasfleas (11:11:46 PM): true

flamingtoilet316 (11:13:48 PM): And I'll be straight with you- I pull through this and win hoh, you won't go up

huckhasfleas (11:14:29 PM): thanks man

huckhasfleas (11:14:42 PM): you won't go up by me again either when i win next

flamingtoilet316 (11:14:47 PM): cool

huckhasfleas (11:14:50 PM): furthermore, if i win pov accidentally i will take you down

I need to learn to stop talking when I'm ahead.

John – I haven't talked to John much, but I am almost certain he is with Jenn. He is someone I do not see trustworthy though, and I am putting that in a few heads. Hopefully he'll go soon. Who knows though? I may end up trusting him in the near future. I still think this game is way too early for everybody to be thinking the way we're all being forced to think right now. When people start making alliances, I think time for friending is over. It's time I need to start finding people to trust.

Ashleigh – A couple of days ago, I would have said I trust Ashleigh with my life in this game. She was my first alliance before I got close to Andrew, but I see her using me. Oh well. I'm going to let her for now. As soon as she gets on the block, if I see the opportunity, I'm pushing to get her out. Why? I like her as a person a lot. She's funny, she's sweet, she's really smart, and as she puts it, she's irresistibly dorky. BUT, she told me she has no interest in being in a F4 alliance with Andrew, and I am sticking with Andrew until he or I leave this game. I think having a tight alliance like that is what will help me get to the end. We'll see though. Anyway, point is she flips flops. Indecisives are dangerous in this game.

Nick D. – This guy scares me. Everyone sees him as funny, and I don't think he's making any tight alliances. I think he's floating under the radar. Honestly, I can't say more about him. I'm too coward to put someone like him up as a replacement nominee if Jer or Mandy get taken down. Hopefully someone will put him up soon.

Tina – You know, I think Tina is someone I can trust in this game. I told her I did not want her on the block, which there is some truth to. I also gave her my POV answers like I did Jer and Mandy, but I also sent her Jenn's answers that Jenn gave me. I really want to gain her trust because I think she could be part of a new F4 alliance with me and Andrew. I need to see that trust though in action. I want her to win HoH and see what happens.

Kyle – Kyle is really nice but a floater at this point.

Stacey – Stacey is stupid as hell for letting people know she's with Jenn. Because of her campaigning for Jenn, Marina has her ready as a replacement nominee if one of her two comes down. Stupid stupid stupid.




Stacey is so dumb!

Like really!

Last night she was starting drama with everyone so I was like Stacey stop trying to start drama with everyone and she called me a flamer... So I called her a homophobe.

and now like she is acting all stupid and telling people that Ashleigh and MANina and I are trying to get her out and shit.

I think she needs to settle down otherwise we won't need to try because she will get herself out of the game.

God she drives me insane.



Well, I wriggled out of that one, unfortunately I had to prove my challenge whore nature a *LOT* earlier in the game than I had intended. In retrospect, I probably should've sandbagged a little, thrown in a couple of names that I knew would be shared by other people. I've already got Ashleigh planning to backdoor me as soon as possible, and my reputation seems to have already spread. A perfect score on the first challenge is *not* helping me there.

But what's done is done. I've taken myself off the block, I'm guaranteed at least, what, 16th place now? If I could just get Ashleigh out before she takes too much control of the game, I think a lot of my problems would go away. But from what Todd is telling me, she's already got quite the coalition/alliance/whatever the "hip" term is in BB. And he doesn't seem to keen to try to rock that boat. I can understand that. Putting her up puts a MAJOR target on his back the next chance they get. But I'd still like to see him try.

I hate that the person he's putting up in my place is John. We were never in an official alliance in SLJ, but I liked and respected him and his loyalty to Todd, even to the end. But right now Todd's terrified of making a power play. And there's 7 on that side, as opposed to... what, 3 of the rest of us who get to vote? Not good odds.


Oh Big Brother how things can change in a matter of days. I've wanted to a diary room forever but it just seems like I tell myself "wait till after this, something big will happen" and then all of a sudden lots of big things are happening and I find I've got allot to catch up with.

The first thing I want to talk about is my alliance with Todd. Going into this game I honestly thought I would never try and trust anyone. Not because I'm naturally like that but I thought it would be more fun to play everyone. I never expected to meet someone like Todd in the game that I feel I can trust and relate to the most. I get criticized allot for not talking to many people but outside of Todd, Jer, is the the only person I feel comfortable with-not necessarily game talk comfortable but just talk talk. I can honestly say I view Todd as a friend and I hope are plan to make it to final two together will play out. To be honest with you I wouldn't even care if I won the game anymore as long as we can make it to the final two.

Now for something a little fun. I had an interesting group chat with people on Monday night where I pretty much told all of them I was going to lie, cheat, and stab them all in the back as much as I possibly could. The best part? We all just laughed about it as if I wasn't being serious-oh people, when will you ever learn.

Now onto some serious things. The first thing is all this input from the big brother alumni. I really am still displeased with how the whole thing was handled but what can you do. Then the other day Todd tells me they have these things called "ponies" where they latch on to a player for him to win and that no one even seems me on their radar. This is good, in a way, but was a bit of a blow to the ego. The thing most of these people don't realize is that allot of the stuff going on in the house: I'm as much of a part of as the guy they all talk about-Todd. We work together and we think of things together. Like I told Todd every conversation I have with someone I carefully think through what I'm going to say. I'm playing this game very hard and I know I can outsmart pretty much everyone here.

Then there's Ashleigh. I never trusted her but it was Todd's idea to have her in a final four alliance with me, him, and marina. All seemed well till she told Todd she had no intention of going anywhere close to the final four with me. And why? Because she didn't trust me. You know what? That might be the smartest move she ever made. Sad thing is she might be too late to realize it. I will personally guarantee within the next two weeks she goes home.

Stacey is still a loose cannon and I want her to go soon as well. But I need her to at least get Ash out of the picture. If todd and I can keep a strong number like we think we can we will rule this game. The best part is half the house thinks I'm a dumb newbie to the game and the other half think I just don't like to play. They're all wrong.

Who did I lie to this week???

-Ash-everything I say to her will be a lie from now on till I get her out.

-Stacey-I have to lie to her every second because she's so damn paranoid and wishy washy. I lied and told her I wouldn't vote out Jenn-but I will. This is the only thing that sucks for me because I know Jenn would be a nice vote against Ashleigh.

-Jenn-Like I said I told her I wouldn't vote for her.

-Nick D: I basically let Nick think I'm dumb and that I need him for advice on what to do.

Anyway things are all going towards plan. Now all I gotta do is win HOH...hopefully its a competition this week and I can get it.


Alright, so it is Dairy Time, sorry for the long wait. There are things shaping up in the house, and so far, I like where I am positioned. There are some interesting things going on, and I want to see how it all goes down.

First there is the Marina/Jenn/Ashliegh thing that is going on. Ashliegh and Jenn are butthurt at each other, and have carried the drama over into this game… Jenn astutely picked up that Marina is connected to Ash… and therefore, she looks to be an early bootee.

This is where things get interesting. Ash is a control freak, and so is Jenn, and right now, Ash feels that she can control this game early on. I, however, am trying to, in a neutral way, in Saving Jenn because I like Drama in the house, and it keeps the heat off me. Jenn staying in the house would put me in a superior position.

It also helps that Ash and Jenn both are sweet talking me because they want me on their side… I will play both sides equally.

This leads into another issue… Ash trying to control Todd. I like Todd, I think Todd is a thinker, and he is a gamer… but he is going to play himself into a corner. He basically told everyone (in confidence mind you) that he was going to put up John, and if he puts up John, then everyone needs to vote him out. When he went to Ash, she said, “No, don’t do that” and put him into a bind. For some reason, he feels that he can’t make anyone angry, when in reality, he will make everyone angry.

He doesn’t like Marina, and he is afraid that Marina, John, and Ash are a unit (which… I guess there is a possibility… ). I told him that if he wanted to be bold, he should put Ashliegh up, and kill the alliance where it stands.

He isn’t that bold, and put John up.

I assume that John will leave, because everyone is comfortable with that.

The question is… Jenn or Tina.

I have brought up my idea: that Jenn will keep focus off of other people…. To Nick K. And he really liked it. If I can get him, Kyle, myself, and three others… (ugh. Sounds daunting). Then I think we can save Jenn. The issue is… I cannot campaign for her or it will look bad. Luckily, Nick is on the same wavelength as me (for the most part) and I see him saving Jenn over Tina at this point.

I have a few people I like: Todd, Jenn, Both Nicks, and Kyle. It is a little early, but I like this group… I wonder what I can do with it.

The game is afoot, and luckily, I am under the radar for the moment.



So this fuckin blows and it sucks people are fake ass bitches... like Todd. I really thought I could trust him and well oop bai. Epic fail for me and this game already. If I make it through this round, it is so fucking on. If I win HOH, fuck the inactives, Todd is going up and prolly Marina too lolol o o pz oh my, like tweet!!!

I wasn't planning on being a bitch this game but messing with me this early ain't good!!!


Hi Roberto. How are you? I'm doing just fine. The weather is nice. The people are great.


You should be posting eviction voting any second now, and I'm so scared. If Jenn doesn't leave this week, I'm so dead. So very dead. I have faith that this one will work out in my benifit, I have enough people that have told me their going to vote Jenn out. Hopefully I can trust those people. Specifically Kyle and Nick. I'm hesitant about talking game with Kyle, because I get along with him really well in every other topic of conversation, I don't want to jump balls-deep into talking about how much I despise Jenn. I don't think that makes sense to you or anyone else, but it does to me. I trust Nick, but you never know if that'll come back and bite me in the ass. I NEED him to vote for Jenn, and I'm trusting that he'll pull through for me.

I know Ash and Andrew will vote for Jenn. So, Ash, Andrew, Kyle and Nick make four votes. Six is majority. I think Alyssa could vote for Jenn with a little persuasion. Nick D, perhaps, as well. Ugh. I'm stressing so bad over this.

I honestly don't even care about the John/Mandy eviction, hopefully John goes, but either one going is okay for me.



I just need this to go well so I can relax for a while.

xo M


I made it my personal goal this week to have at least one chat with each houseguest. I think I got around to most everyone and some quite a bit more than just one chat. Thankfully, because of this Todd kept me off the block as we got to know each other a bit more and understand each other. I’m extremely happy that I am not up for eviction this week. The drama has begun though I see and unfortunately a lot of it has been drug over from older games which I don’t think is quite fair but that’s between them. I have nothing against Jenn and I wont be voting for her this week, I hope she’s able to stay.


Well. Hectic first week. I didn't even think I would get into the game and I know I defintaly don't have an advantage being the youngest player. Todd nominated me without knowing about a limitation on my internet. The POV was a major pain to try and find all the couples I needed. I finally managed to do it, though, and right before I was going to be booted off for the night too. Now it's just a matter of points.

I like my other houseguests. Yeah, it's early in the game, but they've all been kind to me. Comes with being the baby perhaps? The chatroom kinda made a right angle there for a moment with a fight between Stacey and Nick K. And then all of the sudden it was like "Oh hey leotard." and that was that. I hope.

So week one. Mostly obligitory nicities and talk of interests. I need to start talking more, or it's going to be the case of "Bye Mandy. Sorry I didn't get a chance to know you very well."

But not making enemies would be nice too.


Okay, so I didn't win veto. But that's not a big deal. I still have a a fifty percent chance of not getting evicted. I hate first week evictions so hard. I should have been more active. I'm not mad at Todd for nominating me, but I'm disappointed he didn't ASK why I hadn't talked to him in the first place. I worked my ass off in the POV and still lost. Am I not cut out for this game? Do I just need to pull my head out of my little hole and actually see if I can win this? I keep reminding myself it's just an online game, but DAMN.

Tough game and I need to be a tough girl.

Also, Last.fm has decided to be a dirty whore today for some reason.


I’m going to take this simple time here to give a little info out to the BB crew.
1. I don’t care about anyone in this house aside from myself.
2. I will continue my role of biggest flirt ever with the Canadians until it gets me to the final 3.
3. I am going to use Andrew probably as much as he will try to use me. I’m currently messing around with the boy letting him think he’s got control. I’ll play loyal until it comes to a point where it’s him or Jenn. Jenn will win because lets face it.. she’s the shit.

Aside from all of the boring people which are not playing but are quietly wasting internet space getting in my way of the win. I’ll spend time talking to Nick k, Andrew, Jenn , Todd and Kyle.


I’m pissed. No like really pissed that Nick D. is allowed to play this game anymore. Infact I think he should be hung. Put a rope around his neck dangle him in the woods and let the towns folk hit him with sticks. I will NOT be called homophobic. And he MUST take it back, or he will be facing eviction. I HOPE I win HoH next week I want to see that fuck go. It’s bad enough I get shit from lesbians, for not being gay enough. And I get even more shit and dirty looks for not being straight enough. Well that little fuck can go die because I am not homophobic. He doesn’t even know me and he just throws it out and hurts me like that? Fuck him. I hope he gets his.


I’m concerned that mark is playing as his “daughter” mandy. Infact I can support this with a lot of strange “coincidences” that have occurred.. mark I mean mandy does not speak like a 15 year old. This is proven by her lack of youthfull insight and stupidity. Also htf does she do so well in the competition?


I was planning on voting out Tina until yesterday. I seem to get along
great with Jenn, and I figured an ally for me in the house, as well as
a source of drama around is a good way to keep any target off my back.
The thing is, Jenn seems way too desperate, so any genuineness I was
detecting between her and myself I am seeing as fading. That, and the
emergence of the Stacey/Jenn/Jer/Aaron alliance (all of them suggested
to Todd about putting up Ash?--something along those lines) no longer
makes keeping Jenn around seem like a good idea. As this game
progresses (and it is still too far early to tell), but Todd and
myself are trusted more with the power pair of Ash/Marina, I just
can't see it as a good thing if Jenn is around to take out people that
I trust. I hate to see the game polarized this early, but at the same
time, it gives it a little bit of structure to know where everyone

As far as John/Mandy...personally, I'd rather see Mandy leave. I don't
like that she is most likely an alias (Mark) playing the game. Though
I am indifferent to John leaving, and Todd makes a good point that if
we are the only two that know Mandy is actually Mark, that can
potentially be an advantage for us. A lot of subtleties...but when
dealing with aliases, from my experience, the alias player is going to
side with the people who "believe" in the alias the most. Therefore,
if Todd and I each develop a game relationship with Mandy that is
sincere, we will have "bought into the idea" of Mandy, and will
eventually see that investment come to fruition down the line.

So the way it is I'll be voting John, also to follow-up on the promise
with Todd. I can definitely see John becoming a personal threat to my
status in the game later on. That is much of the same case for voting
Jenn. The little I have talked to Tina, given that she actually signs
on more frequently in the coming weeks, I think I can get a strong
side deal going with her.

Speaking of aliases, as of right now, I take back what I said about
Alyssa. I'm finding out more and more she might just in fact be a real
person. So, whoops, sorry about that. Though seriously, all the signs
were there initially. Also, what the hell is up with her volunteering
to be nominated? That also sounded like the move of a player trying to
off the alias early-on for reasons of disenfranchisement. Eh, whatever
the case, I think I'm on Alyssa's good side for now.

Also mad respect to Nick D., who I do trust in this game. Aaron and
Andrew are cool too--the thing with these three is that they seem very
neutral to all deals right now, which is partly how I am trying to
position myself in the game this early on. My goal today is talk with
Nick D. about the vote, and then submit my decisions before deadline.



I decided to just to do this now, because of a group chat last night.
so here are my thoughts on everything right now...

Aaron - I don't really talk to, but he was pretty coool in the group chat right now. But I think that if I would win HOH he's a possible choice...
Andrew- I haven't spoken to once, he's made no effort to contact me, but I've heard he's legit so I might make the effort there.
Ashleigh - Love her. She's in my alliance and it's going to stay that way. We just click.
Jer- Haven't talked to much, seems okay, he'd be another possible choice too.
Caryn- I like her a lot a lot!
John- Who is that? Never talked to him and hear no one else or at least barely as well....
Jenn- I like her, she's not trust worthy. She asked me for an alliance but I have one and its with I guess her enemy type person.
Kyle - is prettty cool.
Mandy - this is another, who the hell are you?
Nick D - legit. funny. never trusting though.
Marina - OH another love love love <3 and the other part of the triangle alliancee.<333
Nick K - we're just now starting to talk and I like him.
stacey - i liked her at first, now im skeptical.
todd - i like him, he kept me safe week one, but.... I don't know.. hes kind of sketchy...
Tina - don't know her that well..

we played I have never last night. yeah i lost.
and then 20 questions (which I asked the questions)
probably got through six before we got bored.

that's about it.


Days 4 – 7:

Okaaaaaay, so apparently a lot has gone down during the past few days!

First and foremost, Todd stuck with his word, and I’m safe! Woooo!

He and I never really discussed having an alliance, so I thought I would bring it up last night. He told me he’s definitely down for one, so yeee!

Still, I can’t help but feel this guy likes to brag a lot! Last night we had a group conversation, and out of nowhere he revealed his penis size (apparently it’s 7.2 inches and “REAL THICK”) and then he went on to list all the guys he’s slept with! Hmmm. But his ACCENT makes up for it. It’s so adorable!!! Todd is very well liked amongst the houseguests… But it could be his downfall in this game. Nevertheless, I plan to play on his side. J

Has anyone else noticed Stacey has gone a little bonkers? Props to her for being vocal and not really caring what people think, but her mouth is getting her into beaucoup de trouble. I guess the other night Nick D. offended her by calling her a “homophobe.” I thought it was a joke. Everyone else thought it was a joke. Nick D. said it was a joke. But still, Stacey took it to an extreme and refuses to talk to him. I love Stacey to death, but her time in this game will dwindle if she keeps it up… L

I discussed the vote with Aaron and Nick K. Both were unsure of what to do. Aaron suggested Tina should go because Jenn and Ashleigh have drama together. By keeping Jenn, drama pretty much stays between the two and AWAY from us. One point, Aaron. He also said Tina is inactive and if she stayed, we don’t know WHAT she would do. Another point, Aaron. But I can’t but feel Jenn is a strong competitor in this game and she’ll be tough to beat in the future. Jenn is a lovely woman and I definitely respect her, but I guess “strategy” is my word of the day.

Rob, am I boring?

I can’t help but feel like I bore people when I talk to them L

Alyssa, Nick D, Ashleigh, Jer, Andrew, even Todd seem to suddenly stop talking to me during our conversations… Do I smell? Bad breath? Am I too… gay?...


So I guess the rumours are true. Ashleigh and Jenn don’t like each other. And now Jenn and Marina aren’t too friendly. Speaking of which, I love Marina! I really want to work with her in the future, but for some reason I think she might be aligned with other people… Ah well, I’ll get her eventually! :D

Caryn, you’re still boring.

Tina, you’re still boring.

Nick D, you’re hott but boring.

Mandy, where are you?

John, who?

I need to liven up the place! I need to be outrageous! Do something huge! I need to win HOH!

*Downs a glass of apple cider*

Yeeeee – look out Big Brother, I’m comin’ out!



Well this first week has been pretty hectic. I was one of the four people put on the block for eviction, I think mostly because I'm 'inactive' or not as active as some of the other players. I've never played anything like this, so this week showed me that I really have to step up my online time AND the amount of time I dedicate for competitions. I know four (out of sixteen) people had to go up so it is what it is, but I do NOT want to be out this week. I'm in it to win it and just because I didn't do well on the first veto doesn't mean I can't be competition. If everyone votes to keep me here I'm gonna play my ass off to get HOH and show everyone what I'm made of.


So basically, the people in the game are whack. I'm having a really hard time trusting Todd at the moment; he keeps pushing this alliance and trying to convince me that I'm his #1 ally and all that nonsense, but when it comes down to it, it just seems like he's keeping me close so that he can suck information out of me. And so far it's worked. So I'm just clamming up from now on and am going to do my best at keeping things to myself. I mean.. come on. Earlier in the week the dude was telling me that Stacey confided in him that she would put Marina and I up on the block if she had the chance, and then he goes and has three chances to put her up and get her out and he DOESN'T. That gives me a very clear idea as to how important our "alliance" actually is to him. I'm getting played, COOL. Bad form, Todd.

In other news, the Word Nerd Alliance is GO. Alyssa got in good with Marina so now the three of us are in like flint. Which is good, because I love Marina. She's super cool, and oddly enough, is a lot like me from what I can tell. Now I just need to convince Nick K that Alyssa isn't a plant without letting him know that I know that he thinks she's a plant. lmao. I keep wanting to tell people NO GUYS, ALYSSA'S A REAL PERSON, TRUST ME I KNOW. but that would ruin our secret surprise. ha.

I'm 99% sure that Jenn's gone this week. This pleases me greatly. Maybe now I can actually play the game instead of worrying about the garbage that Jenn is telling people about me and about how I'm such a bully. lol. whatever. PEACE OUT, BIOTCH. I'M NEVER PLAYING WITH YOU AGAIN :D

If stacey wins HOH this week, I'm screwed... but at the same time, I don't think it would be wise to pull out my big guns and actually try to win the next hoh comp. I have a big enough spotlight on me right now as it is (Fuck you once again, Jenn. just in case I didn't make it clear the first time).


Secret Votes

ANDREW - Todd P, Marina VP

TODD - Marina P, Andrew VP

MANDY - Stacey P, Jenn VP

JENN - Todd P, Andrew VP

AARON - Todd P, Marina VP

CARYN - Todd P, Ashleigh VP

ALYSSA - Marina P, Todd VP

MARINA - Todd P, Andrew VP

STACEY - Andrew P, Todd VP

KYLE - Todd P, Marina VP

NICK K - Andrew P, Todd VP

JOHN - Todd P, Marina VP

JER - Stacey P, Todd VP

NICK D - Todd P, Marina VP

ASHLEIGH - Todd P, Marina VP

TINA - Nick D P, Caryn VP

Total Presidential Votes:
Marina - 2
Todd - 9
Stacey - 2
Nick D - 1
Andrew - 2

To break tie between Marina, Stacey, Andrew, VP Votes:
Marina - 6
Andrew - 3
Stacey - 0


1. I vote to evict Mandy because I refuse to vote for John.
2. I vote to evict Tina because I refuse to vote for Jenn.

I want them both to know that they had at least one person in the house pulling for them by making sure that neither vote is unanimous.

the first isn't hard for me.
I vote to evict John for inactivity, I haven't talked to him in a while and he hasn't been active in any group chats.

but the second is going to be hard for me.
my loyalty is telling me to vote jenn, but i've talked to her and I like her. ugh. but I'm a trust worthy person.

I vote to evict Jenn for drama that has gone on that she caused.


I feel crappy now.

1. Between John and Mandy, who should be evicted?
I vote to evict John. This has nothing to do with the guy personally but I think he's tight with Ashleigh and sine I know she wants me gone the best thing I can do while she's not on the block is to take away her numbers. Sorry man.

2. Between Jenn and Tina, who should be evicted?
I vote to evict Jenn. I really almost don't want to do this anymore. It makes no sense to me to eliminate someone who could be useful in helping me get Ashleigh evicted. Right now your simply a victim of circumstances and I have to vote you out to keep my secret game plan under wraps. I know you wanted to be involved in this game more and I'm sorry I couldn't send a vote your way.

I would like to vote for Tina and John.

1. I vote to evict Mandy because... John is more active than she is.


I vote to evict JOHN because he's Canadian.

I vote to evict TINA because she's not playing this game.

*i also have these as videos for when you're going to post the results later on. :)
Editors note: I never got these links, feel free to post as a comment??


Okay, so here it goes....

1. Between John and Mandy, who should be evicted?

I vote to evict......

I think I talked to the guy all of one time, and he didn't really make a lasting impression on me. He put a target on his back from the get-go by spreading rumours on the first day. Plus, I'm doing Todd a favour with this vote, which he says he will repay me for. ;P

2. Between Jenn and Tina, who should be evicted?

This one is a toughy...

I vote to evict.....

Jenn is a very nice woman and we get along well, but it seems the majority of the house is going against her this week... She's never initiated a conversation with me until last night, when she was pretty much asking for a vote. Tina has started conversations with me, even though they tend to last no more than 10 minutes. But it's just a simple "hello" that wins me over, and I didn't get that from Jenn. Besides that, she's a fierce competitor from what I've been told, and I think it's a good strategic move to get rid of the threats right away.

That is all.


I vote to evict John.

John, I think we had the potential to be allies down the
line...unfortunately, that potential is outweighed the the probability
that'd we'd eventually wind up on opposing alliances. The opportunity
to drop Mandy will come sooner than another chance to evict you. I'm
sorry man.

I vote to evict Jenn.

Jenn...I am sorry to do this. You seem cool, you really do. But you
also have the capacity to become a strong leader of an alliance, and I
don't want to see the game played this way. I understand that your
rift with Ash was wrongly carried into the game, but after weighing
the options, I feel I will have a more useful bond with Tina in the
weeks to come.

"I vote to evict John because He has yet to speak to me, and I don’t understand him wanting to play a game when he has a schedule like he does.”

"I vote to evict Jenn because I know I don’t have the votes to save her… as much as it pains me. I want her to stay, but I can’t stick my neck out this early. Sorry Babe… don’t worry, I’ll avenge you”

#1. I vote to evict John because I feel like I dont know him at all.
#2. I vote to evict Tina because she was pretty rude to a lot of players during the first few days when they tried to IM her.


" This not only ruins any credibility he has with me, but it ruins it with anybody that I've been telling that he's a trustworthy guy."

"I basically threw my trust into a person whom I haven’t spoken too much."

"Im starting to see the lies and drama in full swing. Sometimes its good to be a part of it, but I am staying back a little. I dont want to make my enemies known to well yet."

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-02 03:56 am (UTC)
fuckin let it go, jesus.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: voldemort
2009-04-02 05:31 am (UTC)
leave you the fuck alone? i totally thought i was doing that. DOWN, GIRL.
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[User Picture]From: alessonincrime
2009-04-08 06:18 am (UTC)
Can I just be straight with you for a second?

I never was Ashleigh's puppet. I'm being 120% serious when I say that. So, qq.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: alessonincrime
2009-04-08 06:47 am (UTC)
Oh, well, others also saw Ashleigh as a maaaajoooorrrr thrrreeeeaaatttt when she wasn't, so others need to get their eyes checked.

I never did a single thing Ashleigh told me to do. She didn't even tell me to put you up. I just... did it. I didn't even know about the shit that went down between you two in prior games. After I had decided to nominate you, I was informed of this business so I pretended I knew all along and it was some master plan to take over the world with Ash.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: omgyes__
2009-04-02 03:52 am (UTC)
I'm so glad I know that Caryn is the one who said I was rude, please, do tell, how was I rude when people tried to IM me?

Is being afk rude? Wow.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kywhoa
2009-04-02 04:13 am (UTC)
Lol, I don't think she had ANY IDEA what was going on at the time since she was too hesitant to start a conversation and ask someone.
And LOL at the re-revealing of Todd's penis size.
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[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-02 04:17 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: south0
2009-04-02 03:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, thanks Kyle. What was I, drunk? lol
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-02 11:24 am (UTC)
Stacey/Jenn/Jer/Aaron alliance

This is the first I've heard of this.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: coolbeans56
2009-04-02 01:39 pm (UTC)
LOL, I know. I had no clue.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-02 11:20 pm (UTC)
propaganda I tell you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: stacei
2009-04-03 12:33 am (UTC)
man we could have run the house if we had that alliance.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: monkeybear242
2009-04-08 10:47 pm (UTC)
Not an alias kthxbye

I love how just cos I'm mature and not the usual 15 year old girl, everyone assumed I was a 40 year old man.

Well not "love" so much as "find vaugely creepy that I'm so much like my father that people online who know him think that I'm a fake."

Or whatever.
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[User Picture]From: nick_xxx
2011-03-22 07:40 pm (UTC)
LOL@ Stacey raging at me.
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