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BBLJ8 : The Whole Story : Week 1 (pt 1) [Apr. 1st, 2009|05:57 pm]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion




HoH Competition - President's Elect - Houseguests learned on day one that there would be two seperate HoH's in week one with two separate eviction ceremonies. Houseguests had to nominate a President and a Vice-President to be used in case of a tie. Won by Todd and Marina

Veto Competition - A Royal Wedding - Players had to find as many weddings of noteable personalities that occured in the 1980s. However, the more often the weddings appeared on other houseguests lists, this would devalue the points of the wedding submitted. Won by Jer

Todd nominates Mandy and John after Jer vetos himself, John evicted 8-2

Marina nominates Tina and Jenn, No Veto was available, Jenn evicted 6-4



Getting one of these out of the way because I'm not sure how much free time I'm going to have this week after work...

Wow, 15 people is a lot of people to get to know. I'm new to this whole thing; I only watched the last half of BBLJ7, but I'm pretty sure it only had 14 people. People are talking about a double eviction; that would suck.

So far I've talked to Jenn, Ashleigh, Aaron, Nick D., Marina, Alyssa, and Kyle. It sucks, because the two people I feel like I can trust are Ashleigh and Jenn. They both told me they'll be honest no matter what. They also told me they hate each other. That could be pretty interesting. That sucks because it eventually means I'll have to choose a side. I think my game plan for the time being is going to be to keep them both in the game. Even if they are against each other, it doesn't mean they'll be against me, and I like them both as people.

As for the HoH challenge, I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to throw it. I really don't want a target on my back this early in the game. I did get Marina, Ashleigh, Nick D., and Aaron to all say if they win HoH they won't nominate me in exchange for me not nominating them. I really don't think I have that much to worry about though, because most of these people have all played games with each other before, and I think they'll target each other for a while.

Nick D. is really nice, but I don't know if I can trust him.

I think I may have opened up to Jenn and Ashleigh a little too early. I told them I'm kind of nervous about this game, which is true, but I don't want them to think I'm playing too hard.

In other news, Nick D. sent me this: http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/9210/bannerbo1.jpg Austin Vaden made it, apparently. He thinks I'm tasty. That's pretty cool.


HI, IS IT TO EARLY TO SEND IN MY DIARY ROOM ENTRY? WHAT'S THAT? YES? Too bad, I'm sending it in anyways. This is just my first thoughts of people, anyways.

Okay, Aaron. Didn't talk to me, don't care. Alyssa, seems decent. We're the same age and she obvs likes Taylor Swift, which is okay. Also she used excessive letters which is weird. Andrew... seems okay. He's one of the ones who went all gung-hoe on the Canadian alliance business. Not sure how I feel about an alliance on the first day. ASHLEIGH, OH LAWD. She's fucking awesome. I talked to her for like, an hour. And I'm already madly in love with her. She's a laugh and a half. And that rhymed. Jer, didn't talk to. Caryn, didn't talk to. But she spells her name weird, so I automatically am like, err. John, talked to him but remember nothing about it. Jenn, didn't talk to. Kyle, is hilarious. I like that guy. Mandy, didn't talk to. She's 15, for real? Interesting. Nick D. is funny, Other Nick... I'm talking to now and he isn't really that interesting as of yet. Stacey, doesn't know Canadian geography and for some reason, that bothers me. Todd is sexy. Tina, didn't talk to. And I suppose that's it.

I can really see myself working with Nick and Ashleigh. People I can't see myself working with... probably most of the older people. Maybe that'd change. I just think N&A are so ridiculous that I'll get along with them.



I think I'm done here.


JAWN is in the H O U S E yall!! Yes I am in another LJ game I know yall missed my s p a c i n g lmao. I am really excited to be playing this game! Especially since it is hosted by the amazing Rob and Shane. They are wonderful! So the game has begun and I am l o v i n g it!! Gotta love the 80s - BRB LEMME GET MY CONE BRA, LEGWARMERS, AND LET ME B L A R E LIKE A VIRGIN - lol back!! Anyway we moved into this g r o o v y house and I am loving the cast! Everyone is so damn friendly and fun! It is a great atmosphere for now. I haven't met someone I don't like yet. My favourites so far have to be ASHLEIGH!! I l o v e her! Music Therapy and social science ftw! I also really like Andrew and Todd. Both are great guys.

So we have a lil blast for the past here (lolol can I be Alicia Silverstone?? jk) and I see Jenn and Jer. Hmmm. Jenn comes off super strong and 2bh I am pretty much afraid of her lol. I would be afraid to nom her let alone cast a vote for her. I just hope it works out. I hear Ashleigh and her hate each other. o o p this puts me in a bad spot cuz I luv Ashy. Jenn, I don't know how she feels about me. I jokingly called her a bitch in a chat once and she took super-offense to it. Like people should know not to take me srsly... I like to joke. I think we resolved it but you never know!! So this should be a rocky road (and not the good kind like ice cream lolzzz)

Then we have Jer. I guess I kind of worked with him in some ways in SLJ13 but I think it was by force. He seems very honourale so maybe we will swing something? Idk.

So Andrew proposes an alliance of Me-Him-Jer-Marina (or Martina I forget he rname oopz soz marmar). Of course I accept! You can't just reject an alliance offer. I really like Andrew and I hope I can trust him. timewilltell! I am not sure how it will work with Jer. Idk if he will trust me or whatever. I really hope this alliance works out. I really wanted something with like Ashleigh and Todd but I don't know their feelings. I just hope this can all get integrated somehow.


To quote muh gurl s h y t o w n from FOL:

It gunna be a c a r a z y ride!! I am pumped.


OH big brother, big brother, big brother. Day 2 and already it feels like so much is happening. First about the 80's theme: I love it but I gotta say I really thought I had one up. With that teaser video I was watching it over and over again picking apart everything and trying to decode it. I even counted the number of keys in that picture!! Then you fooled me and no automatic HOH competition. Oh well.

So first night I tried to start playing the game right away. In no time I managed to convince John and Marina to be a little alliance. I started off targeting them because we were all from Canada and simply mentioned that we should stick together at first so none of us have to risk getting voted out first. From there I made the same deal with Jer and if everything works out alright I might even be able to bring Stacy into it. As far as Jer I kind of gave him the impression that I would go final two with him. This might be a possibility but as long as it keeps me in the game I'll tell him anything he wants.

Oh the lying has already begun. I will lie about anything. Hell I would of liked to lie about my age if it was at all possible. So the first lie I started telling was about my job. Did I tell people I'm a bookkeeper? Nah!!! I told them I'm a radio DJ host and a filmmaker. Half truths really. I WAS radio dj for about 3 years. It was voluntary of course but it was still a job. I also WANT to be a filmmaker and work on my own little side projects but nothing set in stone as a career. See bookkeeper=not interesting. Radio DJ/Filmmaker=wicked cool.

Then I lied to John and told him I was once engaged and that she cheated on me and we broke it off? This is probably the only one I regret cause its easy to check over. Plus I really like like John but felt I needed something to get his sympathy. Now he may be my biggest ally.

Then there is Stacy. Stacy is certifiable and under the wrong person could be voted out really fast. Lucky for her she chose me to be her "showmance" and I'll take her far enough till I no longer need her vote and then boot her off. Seriously though within 10 minutes of conversation she was already talking about sex to me!!! C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

Then there's Todd. Poor Todd. I began lying to him the minute I started talking to him and then he tells me this deeply personal story and concludes it with a "that's why I have trouble trusting people". Holy shit it's gonna be hard to backstab him...sorry buddy but thats the game.

The best was he said making alliances at this point in the game was sad. Then two seconds later when I played all worried and scared he made an alliance with me!!! Classic!

As it boils down if Marina is on bored then I've got John, Jer, crazy Stacy, and probably Todd (although I would never give him full membership into my alliance). John thinks he can convince Ashleigh to join with us. Apparently she knows Jenn and really hates her. So heres what I'm thinking. I win HOH I put up Jenn as a sign of good faith to Ashleigh, and then Tina because well Tina hasn't even introduced herself to ANYONE at this point. Then either way the numbers will dwindled down and soon I have everyone trusting me. I'm probably gonna take Jer and John to the final three (sorry Stacy, but really I would just give you final spot???) and then from there Its easy.

See I'm gonna come off as the nicest, most honest, guy to ever play a game like this. Then when I win I'm gonna reveal how evil I really was. Why? Because every good story needs a villain and I'm gonna give it to em.


Can we turn down the Journey please? "Don't Stop Believing" gets old after the first 100 or so times.

This is definitely a different group than I've played with before. Not nearly the Chatty Cathies on AIM that SAD was. But hey, it's a different game. Nice to see Jenn and John back, though. Jenn says she doesn't want to be here really. I should just vote for her for HoH, just to make things interesting.

I wanna do that this time. I want to make things interesting. I want to shake things up. But that's not really in my nature. I've met a couple of fun new people already- Stacey and Andrew.

Don't get too close to people this time, though, that's what I'm gonna try to do. Maybe if I hadn't been that way in the last game, I would've won instead of basically tying with John. Alliances are good and all, but you can't be afraid to turn on an alliance if it'll get you further in the game.

It's all a crapshoot anyways. One wrong word and it's all over. The only way to ensure you stay in the game is to win challenges- either HoH or POV. And this HoH is pretty much out of my hands for now.

Hopefully the POV, if I play in it, will be a bit more in my control.

Maybe some Motley Crue? Or old-school Metallica? Please?


Hi Big Brother.

I was really, really bummed to see Ashleigh on the cast banner. After all the mean shit she pulled in the SLJ14 finale, and in a drunken debacle that was my birthday, I IMd her a few choice words. I wasn't even thinking she would be here. And she's already talking shit.

I should talk shit back but I've told everyone to make up their own minds about her. I refuse to taint them. I just hope it's the right choice and people see me for who I really am.

I think Mark might be playing as Mandy. Or else she's a fucking mature 15 year old.

So far, Todd, Nick D. Stacey, Jer and John are the only ones I've spoken to and all have mentioned playing with them. I don't know if they are feeling me out but I am not going to play this game like I've played Survivor games. I am going to be as low key as possible. It seems to me that people who make moderate effort are kept around longer. I am just hoping I can convince myself to STFU at times...

Ok that's it!


Right now the only person in this game shady in my book is Alyssa.
Probably cause she is fake. So right now anyone who is all up high and
mighty on Alyssa I have on shady alert--if you seriously want to
keeeeppppp thissssss bitcccchhhhhh innnnnn alyssssaaaa I will punch
you in the face. There is no good reason to like this chick, there is
no depth to her. You want her in, passionately, then you are probably
passionately all up on a second AIM account firing off
messsssaaaggggessss to peepzzzz. Fake as they fucking come, fake as my
fucking second Samsung Rant that just died tonight at dinner
motherFUCK I cannot believe I bought a teenage girl phone named Rant.
I always knew slider phones sucked ass

In other news, I think right now I am all on board trusting Todd, Nick
D. and Ash. The problem is Ash seems cool, so I know a lot of people
will probably want to trust her as well. Nick D. is Nick D. (this is
open for interpretation) and Todd doesn't understand how to keep his
mouth shut

le fin


Hmmmm, 1980’s

Well, I am glad that I am in the game… I think there are some interesting dynamics going on here.

Kyle: Insanely enough, I have played another game with Kyle… in which I promptly voted him off… (Long story), I really enjoyed talking with him now… and now, all things being equal, I hope I can work with him. He is pretty cool, and pretty smart. I just hope I am on his good side.

Ashliegh and Jenn: ugh. I feel that SurvivorLJ 14 was a huge mistake for me, I shouldn’t have played… but I did. Now, I know these two from that game, and things will become interesting in dealing with both of them… they want to work with me, and Ashliegh even went as far as say that there is a Game Truce… which I accepted of course. I just don’t have the energy t o be angry with her… I just don’t trust her. I will give her a pass until she doesn’t fit with my plans.

And Jenn? I know she is a gossiper, and I know she tends to evoke Drama around her, warranted or not. The issue is, out of the game… she is pretty awesome, so I don’t hate her. I just have to make sure that she is on my good side, and that I don’t appear aligned with her, but… keep her in the game long enough for her to self implode… I hate to say it girl, but you usually do yourself in… and that helps me out (if I can survive that long… ugh).

Todd: Says he has never played an online game before (as does Caryn, Alyssa… who knows who else), and I take the same tact with all of them. I don’t believe you have never played before, and just because you are a newbie, doesn’t mean you can’t play well. Never underestimate people, never underestimate newbies, and let them spin themselves into corners themselves.

Everyone else is pretty bland to me right now… most have said hello to me, but it was so late that we didn’t talk much.

As for the HOH, I voted Todd, he wants it, and I am not going to say no. Since he said I would be safe… I think that is what is for the best.

I just hope I can do better in BB than I did in SJ… seriously.


I think I made pretty genuine connections with Aaron and Andrew
tonight. This is key because I am about to go M.I.A. in Miami until
after tomorrow's deadline. Quite literally, I leave for Miami tomorrow
morning and I doubt I'll be on much--if at all--before the deadline.
Hopefully they'll watch my back if one of them winds up as President
(there is a good chance this could happen). Todd, I am almost certain,
will wind up as Pres, granted that people actually do vote for him and
not decide to throw their vote to someone else because they think
everyone else will.

Todd and Ash both promised me they'd keep me in the loop via e-mail,
so we'll see if that happens. I talked a decent amount with Tina and
Jenn as well, I think I made a positive impression on both (cause
honestly, they made a positive impression on me). Still haven't talked
to Jer (dude seems kinda weird just looking at his LJ profile), but
other than that...made contact with everyone. Minimal conversation
with Mandy and Marina, but everyone else I have had at least two-ish
good convos with. Except Alyssa, who, I truly believe to be an alias.
Aliassa? Can I claim first to coin this?

Alright time to hit up the bars in Philly even though it be colder out
than Alaskan basements. Fuck winter


This week I had to vote for the first and second head of households. My strategy so far is to just nominate people who I haven't spoken too. Although I was MIA for the firts few days after the cast was announced due to illness and my school workload, I've gotten to talk to a good number of house guests in the past few days and these two weren't any of them. I haven't talked gameplay or strategy to any extent with anyone, so I don't know how likely these two are to get picked. Hopefully if any of these twp are voted as HOH they make decisions that will benefit the house in the long run.


Days 1 – 4


Kyle is in the house, and ready to party!! Woop woop! *Throws apples*

So I walked in, and I was blinded by tackiness. Leopard print? Neon pink? *Barfs a little* As soon as I saw there were 16 people, I knew I had to leave a good impression. I immediately started getting to know the houseguests, hoping to find someone I clicked with.

And I did.

I saw Stacey sexing me up with her eyes. I tackled her and that was it. We had sex then and there. It was intense, yet magical. I know I have a trusted friend/potential ally in Stacey. We’re random and get along awesomely!

I saw Todd’s photo on the wall and thought, MMMM. (But then I saw Nick D’s and my pants were already creamed). Nevertheless, Todd introduced himself to me and all was uphill from there. We discussed being gay, our tastes in men, sex – the usual. He seemed to really enjoy my company and I definitely think he’s a good guy!

So HOH rolls around, and of COURSE – we need to VOTE for the first Head of Household! But wait! It’s more original in that we are voting for TWO HOH’s– and FOUR people are going to be nominated! (Oh, the cruelty!) I really hope I’m safe this week… And the only way to ensure safety is to vote for someone I like and trust. I knew I would be voting either Stacey or Todd. Todd made it quite clear he wanted it, so I went with him. He promised me safety, and I’m happy. J

I voted Marina as Vice President. She seems like a genuine, fun-loving girl and I admire that! She’s Canadian, which means SEXY (like me ;P) and we both love hockey! (But then again, what Canadian doesn’t?) She’s an awesome girl, and from what Todd tells me, if Marina wins as second HOH, I’ll be safe no matter what! Yayy! *Dances*

I seem to be getting along really well with the ladies. Ashleigh, Stacey, Marina and Jenn, especially. I haven’t talked to Caryn at all yet, however. Where is she? Tina and I spoke all of one time for a mere 15 minutes, but I already like her more than Alyssa and Mandy. Honestly, those two girls don’t know how to keep a conversation going. But that’s just first impressions. But first impressions speak louder than anything at this point in the game…

It’s my understanding that John is causing some controversy already. Apparently he’s been suggesting ALL-CANADIAN alliances already, and starting false rumours. (Jenn and Ashleigh don’t get along? Todd is a target? I’m not sure?) I know Todd doesn’t trust him at all, and he is at the top of his pecking order. Ooo!

Aaron and I know each other from a previous game. Unfortunately, he voted me out first. L But oh well, it was the second round of a Big Brother game with two rounds, and by that point everyone knew how strong of a player I was. Aaron *claims* we can now play a “proper” game of Big Brother together, but I’m not sure if I can fully trust him. Whenever we talk I get an awkward feeling, but I’m going to try my best to get him on my side.

Andrew, Jer and Nick K. don’t really stand out to me at this point. I haven’t really talked to Jer at all, but he seems like a funny guy. I feel if I get to know him better we’ll be pretty close. (So long as his mouth doesn’t get the best of him… I’ve already heard him say some offensive things. All in fun, but you never know what people are thinking!) But Andrew and Nick K. are just…. BLAND x 10. Nick D. is starting to bore me too, but he’s sexy so it doesn’t matter. *Creams pants again*

Truth be told, I’m having an awesome time already and I’m nervous of the events that going to unfold! I get along with everyone so far, and I hope my actions don’t come back to bite me in the ass!

That’s all for now!

*Runs to kitchen to make apple pie*




I am so excited to be in the game :D.

I don't really know anyone coming into the game outside of Nick K...

I have talked to Jen a bit before but I was kind of mean to her so hopefully she doesn't hold that against me haha.

I got a chance to talk to a few people but it seems like a lot of them aren't very talkative.

I probably talked to Todd the most.. he is interesting... There is something about him that I just don't trust. I see him backstabbing everyone to get to the end so I will be keeping my eye on him.

That is all I have to say now and hopefully I won't be put up for nomination Todd said he wouldn't put me up but who knows how many people he said that to. But hopefully I only have Marina to worry about.


I am annoyed. I had just typed up a very lengthy diary entry only to
accidentally hit "discard" instead of send. So. BBLJ DIARY 101:

Let me just preface this by saying I won't be doing video diaries like
I want to, because I don't want the same shit to happen in this game
that happened when I played survivor. How that crap went public, I
don't know. But I wont make that mistake again :D

I suppose I'll start the diary party by listing my first impressions
of everyone. My first attempt at this was much more lengthy and in
depth, but quite frankly I just don't want to type all that again.
lmao. so here's a summary.

Alyssa: Alyssa is my right hand man in this game. She's never played
an LJ game before, and I introduced her to this comm because she is a
big BB fan and I thought she'd enjoy it. NOBODY knows we're friends,
so we're trying to play that to our advantage. Holler secret
alliances! haha.

Todd: Very sweet, very trustworthy. Wants an alliance with me.
Thankfully he didn't ask for an F2 alliance, because I'd hate to have
to lie to him by agreeing to it. The only F2 alliance I have as long
as Alyssa is in the game is with her. but he and I work very well
together and I can see this loyalty taking us very far.

Marina: I like her a lot. She's funny and we have common interests.
And we're both too tall for our own good. She's roped Todd into an F4
alliance and she asked him to include me. even though I'm who he
would have picked anyway. hahahahaha. oh man these kids. Am I really
that great? I know I know, stupid question ;D

Nick K.: Apparently his hosting reputation precedes him. So I'm
keeping a watchful eye on him in case he pulls any shenanigans. But
he seems to have game trust with me and we bonded over Pittsburgh, so
he's cool in my book.

Caryn: The only conversation ive had with this person wasn't even
Caryn. It was her boyfriend. So. Lmao.
Andrew: Apparently I'm included in an F4 alliance with this person,
and I've had like... a 3 minute convo with him. hmm. we should work
on that. But whatever, I never agreed to this alliance. So they need
to simmer down a little bit and let the game ride out before they
start guessing how it'll end.

INVOLVED?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? SERIOUSLY. I'd like to know what it's like
to play a game where there isn't automatically a player that likes to
make things difficult for me. apparently she's going around telling
everyone that she and i dislike each other, but that she wants
everyone to ~*~*~form their own opinions. oh okay. WHY EVEN BRING IT
UP, DAMN. rkjgdfgjkh I told myself that if I got casted in this game
and Jenn did as well that I would quit, but I didn't want to leave
Alyssa to play on her own. Seriously. I do not enjoy playing these
games with Jenn. She's an evil player. End of story.

Aaron: Aaron is a sweet guy and I really hope he doesn't hold a
grudge for my "blindsiding" him when we played SLJ14. whatever. I
didn't blindside him. I'm just crafty. The end.

Mandy: haven't heard a word from her.

Jer: we talked for a couple minutes but nothing resulted from it.

John: I like him. He seems really genuine and based on the
confessionals I read from him during SLJ13 he seems like a loyal guy.
Hopefully he sticks around so I can get to know him.

Nick D. We've had a couple of surface conversations, but nothing
that's really resonated. Alyssa seems to like him though, so we'll
see how that goes. I'm not cutting anyone out at this point. Except
Jenn, obv.

Kyle: Kyle is super cute. He always extends a greeting and has
something sweet to say. And he bakes me virtual pies lmfao. He seems
to be playing what I endearingly call the "Andi Card" in that he's
really sweet and personable, but kind of oblivious to game play. Andi
does it intentionally, but I don't know if this guy is yet. Only time
will tell!
Tina: We talked once, and it just seemed like she was doing it out of
necessity. I don't know. She seems nice though.

Stacey: Stacey for some reason already dislikes me. She told todd
that if she gets HoH, she's putting Jenn and I up. She also told him
that she likes Jenn over me, as if you can't like both of us. Oh gee,
thanks lady. See if I ever give you another lime green diamond. She
gives me a bad vibe anyway, and she was rude to Todd. So no dice for

That's all for now. Expect another diary soon!


Either I'm about to go already, or these are just *not* talkative people. It's really hard to get to know people when no one talks. And a lot of the people I have talked to, don't really seem interested in actually having a conversation beyond the whole "hi, how's it going" thing. Now I admit that I'm not the best person at this either, but if someone IM's me, I'll make the effort to talk back. But I've had several people who I've said hi to, seem to be online, (at least they don't have an away message or anything posted), never say hi back. Or I'll say hi, they'll say hi back... and that's it.

Where's the fun? In the thread after the reveal, people were very chatty. Since then, nada.

We'll see if this ends up with me getting booted. I wouldn't be surprised.


Won over major points with people last night in that chat (present:
Ash, Todd, Aaron, Marina, Nick D., Jenn, Stacey -- and John kinda just
observed). Fun time, gotta say this game will be awesome for some
laughs on late weekday nights when there isn't shit happening.

Noms: Jer & Mandy, Tina & Jenn. This is awesome that I haven't talked
at all to Jer or Mandy yet, so I am fine with one of them leaving.
Could definitely sell my vote in turn for a favor to the
other...always a good way to start off a friendship in this game. Tina
and Jenn though...I actually like both of them. Both of them like me.
Would rather see Tina go for several reasons, mostly because I am a
bit closer to Jenn, AND, I know Ash hates Jenn...always good to keep
targets in the house. But hey, almost certain veto will fuck things
up, so not making any plans right now.

UPDATE: Austin needs to stay out of the game. Alumni need to stay out
of this game.
thatgaych1ck (5:47:19 PM): I hear you leaked a video I may want to see?
"Austin" (5:47:50 PM): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4TYvRvTtc8
thatgaych1ck (5:47:59 PM): where did you GET this?
thatgaych1ck (5:48:04 PM): and can you find the other one???

I have mad respect for Austin, don't get me wrong, but I'd hate if
this happened to me. His commentary posts are great, but this kinda
sorta basically definitely is not commentary.

Anyway, I told Todd I wouldn't be able to help him out for veto. I am
traveling back to Pittsburgh from Miami early Saturday morning and
finishing fieldwork on Friday night, so I really hope I am not picked
randomly either. Any other week I'd be good...but not this week.

l8r dawggs
- Nick


Wuddup, Rob. This is my diary room entry. And I know you're thinking, "Gosh, is she going to start every diary room with 'this is my diary room entry?'"

And that answer is yes.

So, whirlwind couple days. Todd and I won HOH, which I believe was orchestrated BEAUTIFULLY. Fuck Jenn trying to take credit for that shit. Todd and I did it by our god damned selves, tyvm. But, if her taking credit takes the spotlight away from he and I, and our alliance, so be it.

I am madly in love with my alliance. Todd, Andrew, Ashleigh and I. Solid, in-fucking-deed. If anything should happen between that alliance, though, I'm setting it up so Ashleigh and I stay until the end. Seriously, that bitch is fucking awesome. I just adore her. Batshit insane, but thats' how I like it.

I can also see myself getting pretty tight with Nick K. The one... who is enraged. Haha. I seriously love him. Who is he? I have no idea. But he's fucking hilarious.

Nominations are going to be announced tonight when I'm at the hockey game. The shit may or may not hit the fan. I'm hoping it does. ;)

I better go get ready for the hockey game. SHOULD BE A GOOD ONE. I'm hoping for a decent anal rape-age of Edmonton. Maybe grope Pavel Datsyuk. OH YOU KNOW HOW IT IS.

xoxo Marina


I was going to make a video for my second DR, but with the spotlight on me, I'm not sure it's a good idea. I don't want people to see it if Youtube takes forever processing. I will later though, I promise Shane ;). I'm published the nom video right now, btw...

I'm actually kind of hurt right now. Here's some excerpts I got sent from a BB reunion community:

Now, let's talk about Todd a little bit shall we? This 22 y/o Southern Belle from South Carolina turned it out in the HoH competition. Granted, he's not half as fierce as Marina, but I'm still impressed she worked everyone over with her provincial accent and promises of 40 acres and a mule. Here's an excerpt from his audition video:
Let's hope he's smarter than his dog...

On the HoH wall, we can see a few pictures posted up. Let's use my cuntyvision to get a closer look:

"I was like, maybe it needs lubrication..."

Pretty boy bottoms need to learn to check their own oil (as opposed to having the convenience store worker do it) before they try to take on a position like HoH. Maybe if he spent less time trolling Manhunt and playing with his dog and got outside once in a while, he'd learn to do things like that! His car makes a grinding noise and he thinks it needs "lubrication" (his words, not mine). I wonder if he used KY or Astroglide...

Maybe I'll just make him my wife, instead.

Edit: The boy owns a Ford Taurus and put THREE quarts of oil in it!!! Even empty, that's too much! Todd, my boy, if you ever see this, no more than two quarts. Ever. You'll do more damage to your engine!


"I thought he was straight."

"whaaaaaaaat? i knew that queenie southern belle bends over at the sight of dick right when i saw his pic."

I guess we're in the spotlight right now, especially me being HOH, to these people who have no lives aside from LJ Gaming, but I guess I didn't expect them to tear me apart like that, especially aspects of my life, videos, and pictures I had before this game ever started, before I even heard of the damn game. You know why my dog is so important to me? It's cause I have no family. Haha, I can't believe I once had a crush on Austin.

Anyway, I've gotten really close to Andrew. I will do everything I can to carry him to the Final 2 with me. Ashleigh and Marina are really nice as well. We have a final four alliance with them, but the only two I'm really counting on right now are Andrew and Ash.

What some people may find interesting later is that we orchestrated this entire first HOH. We knew two people had to be evicted, and we want to get Jenn out because she scares us. We knew this could happen and keep all four of us safe if we got two of our four in the HOH position. Ashleigh suggested that I do it. Jenn IMed a little after and asked me if I wanted it. The wheel was in motion... We decided to get Marina in, so a bunch of people voted her for President, and I had a couple of people put her as Vice President to make sure it happened the way we wanted it.

I've decided to nominate Jer and Mandy for their inactivity, but I'm pushing to get Jer out because I know he'll be a threat later. Marina is nominating Jenn and Tina. I told Tina I'm gonna try to keep her in so maybe she'll gain my trust. Jenn cannot win POV.



I figured I'd get nom'd tonight. I hadn't really talked to Marina much, and so I fully expected my name to come from her. But not from Todd.

I actually thought that I had a decent relationship going with Todd. It's early, and we haven't talked *much*, but we'd had some good conversations going. The kid may have been playing me about how nervous he was, I don't know. Playing Mr. Nice Guy might have hurt me a little, who knows. But damn.

Well, I've still got POV going for me, which is nice. Time to put on my Challenge Whore hat. I wasn't planning on breaking it out this early, but looks like I better, if I want to survive.


shock and AWE!

I had no clue that Marina was Ashleigh's puppet at all *insert eyeroll here* Not from the way they talk in unison like BFFs. Or croon over David Cook. I mean really, puppet and puppetmaster.

Clearly the lines have been drawn. I have to remember that Ashleigh is just a little 22 year old and stop trying to be nice to her. After all that BS she said about me in SLJ14, I cursed her out a bit over a month ago. Deal with it and move on. We each got shots in. Difference was, I was woman enough to do it all in private.

She said not to speak to her so I didn't. Then to try being all nice to me in the chat last night and come out at me like this. True bitch.

Anyway, there are a few people floating out there on their own but mostly, it's on...


Editor's note: Jenn submitted a video confessional. Sadly, I'm not able to embed it, LiveJournal doesn't seem to like it when I try. Please visit it at the link below:



It seriously disturbs me that Aliassa was not nominated. I don't
understand how anyone can understand this fake fuck -- she doesn't
interact with anyone on a personal level. She goes to Todd (probably
Marina, too) after the noms and is all "thanksss I totallly owe you
one! :))))" -- of course, they eat this up, because as HoH, you take
whatever love you can get amidst all the hate.

Also, the alumni "basin' on the newbs" deal doesn't bother me a bit.
Jesus, you people want Rob to protect you from personal attacks? If
you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I pay no mind to
personal attacks, which is probably the best thing I have going for me
concerning my future in this game.

I have a strong feeling that Ash and Marina are solid. All signs point
to yes, especially Marina's sudden involvement in Ash's tirade against
Jenn. But at this point, I have every reason to keep Jenn around. She
has done me no wrong, and I am not particularly close to Tina anymore.
As for Jer and Mandy...whichever one approaches me sincerely, I will
probably keep. If not, I'll vote Jer--Mandy doesn't seem to be going
anywhere far in this game, regardless if she goes home this first week
or not (yada yada, watch this statement come back to bite me in the
ass, etc.)

If I were HoH right now, Aliassa and Caryn would be up. Hands down.
Well maybe, Aliassa and Mandy...Aliassa and Jer. The point of this is
that I don't like this slut. Aliassa scares me because I know SOMEBODY
in the LJ games circuit is playing as her--the question is who(???).
Whether it be someone inside or outside the game is uncertain, but
I'll be watching her. As soon as her interests start conveniently
lining up verbatim with those of another player, I'll know for
certain. Until then, I know a bit more each week, slowly but surely.
But right now I just get a sick feeling that it might be somebody
connected to Ash, as much as I hate to say it...

- Nick

Later this evening
LJ said the post was too big, sorry!

[User Picture]From: paranoiaebw
2009-04-02 02:23 am (UTC)
thats fucking classic...I can't wait to see the point where Nick K's opinions change on Alyssa-or do they? Hrrrmmm
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: south0
2009-04-02 02:26 am (UTC)
I love how you said you will never fully let me in, F2. ;) It's funny how things work out.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: paranoiaebw
2009-04-02 02:36 am (UTC)
I KNOW! I was just saying to Kyle its funny how things changed sooo much. Oh well. I'm glad we became Final 2 buddies.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-02 03:08 am (UTC)
i was laughing soooo hard.
I don't think his opinions change though.
Besides that he knows I'm real,
but besides that "i'm still a slut and a bitch"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: light_on
2009-04-02 03:34 am (UTC)
Let's not forget that you are a "fake fuck," Aliassa.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-02 11:12 pm (UTC)
I really did think you were fake
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nick_xxx
2011-03-22 07:32 pm (UTC)
bahahhahaha Nick K's entry on you was so funny! LMAO
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2011-03-23 01:19 am (UTC)
who would have thought we would have been the showmance of the season?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: paranoiaebw
2009-04-02 02:37 am (UTC)
I love how the pick your pony picture had me as EMO...anyone who knows me knows I'm the furthest thing from. Why didn't you use my mohawk pick rob!!! Grrr.....
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alysssalove
2009-04-02 03:13 am (UTC)
the icon says it all.

oooh & those are extensions lol.

Edited at 2009-04-02 03:21 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
From: omgyes__
2009-04-02 03:23 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
From: flamingtoilet
2009-04-02 10:35 am (UTC)
Jer (dude seems kinda weird just looking at his LJ profile)

While I don't deny that I'm kinda weird, what tipped you off?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nnuc
2009-04-02 11:15 pm (UTC)
you listed my mother in your interests
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: monkeybear242
2009-04-08 10:38 pm (UTC)
Or else she's a fucking mature 15 year old

*bows* Not all of us are obsessed with sex drugs and The Jonas Brothers.
(Reply) (Thread)