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BBLJ6 Summary - Big Brother LiveJournal: Reunion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion

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BBLJ6 Summary [Apr. 30th, 2008|01:26 pm]
Big Brother LJ: Reunion



HoH 1: Nick
NOM 1: Brett, Josh, Kenyon
PoV 1: Brett vetoes himself, Nick nominates Drew
EVI 1: Josh
HoH 2: Allison
NOM 2: Amanda, Angela, Roxana
PoV 2: Amanda vetoes herself, Allison nominates Sarah
EVI 2: Roxana, Angela is ejected for self-votes, Josh is voted back in by the interns
HoH 3: Amanda
NOM 3: Allison, Kenyon, Seth
PoV 3: Allison vetoes herself
EVI 3: Seth
HoH 4: Kenyon (only received immunity)
NOM 4: Andi, Drew, Nick
PoV 4: Shane does not veto anyone
EVI 4: Drew
HoH 5: Amanda
NOM 5: Brett, Sarah, Nick
PoV 5: Sarah vetoes herself; Big Brother nominates Amanda
EVI 5: Nick
HoH 6: Shane
NOM 6: Brett, Kenyon, Sarah
PoV 6: Shane does not veto anyone
EVI 6: Brett, Kenyon self-votes himself out of the game
HoH 7: Allison
NOM 7: Andi, Josh, Sarah
PoV 7: Andi vetoes herself
EVI 7: Sarah
Jess and Kei-Jei enter the hospital from the Rooms Next Door
HoH 8: None
NOM 8: Andi, Desiree, Josh
PoV 8: Desiree vetoes herself
EVI 8: Josh, Kei-Jei self-votes herself out of the game
HoH 9: Shane
NOM 9: Amanda, Desiree, Jess
PoV 9: Jess vetoes herself, Amanda vetoes herself; nominates Andi
EVI 9: Andi
HOH 10: Amanda
NOM 10: Desiree, Jess, Shane
PoV 10: Amanda vetoes Shane
EVI 10: Jess
HOH 11: Allison
NOM 11: Amanda, Desiree, Shane
PoV 11: Amanda vetoes herself
EVI 9: Desiree
HOH 12: Amanda
NOM 12: Allison, Shane
EVI 12: Shane
F2: Allison & Amanda
WINNER: Allison (5-4)


The sixth season of BBLJ was set not in a house, but in a remote hospital in Detroit. That was the theme and the contestants this season were not referred to as housemates, but rather as interns. It was revealed that there were 14 contestants, seven guys and seven girls. Both genders were split into two dueling teams, all the while having “targets,” which were other interns that were randomly selected to be the person that they’d have to try to evict. Each intern had one target apiece; however the two undercover doctors had two targets each. The two doctors did not know the identity of the other doctor until later in the game.

Allison and Shane were the two undercover doctors. Contrary to popular belief, they were not guaranteed immunity at all. They had the option of getting hints on up to three Head of Hospitals (the renamed Head of Household), as well as three Power of Vetoes. Because of this advantage, in the event that one of them won the Head of Hospital, Big Brother forced their nominations to be the three interns that did the worst in the competition. As for voting, their vote was cast at the eleventh hour for whoever didn’t receive votes.

Josh – It was the first week of the game and drama was already exploding at seams. The Head of Hospital competition titled “Sacrifices, Sacrifices, Sacrifices” required both sides to offer up how many HoH’s and PoV’s they were willing to give up. The women figured that the guys would be modest with their sacrifices, so all of them sans Allison and Amanda threw up 12 sacrifices. The men’s sacrifices ranged from three to two. As a result, the women won safety and the men faced eviction. Nick, having given up three Head of Hospital’s as well as two Power of Veto’s, became the first Head of Hospital. He put Brett, Josh, and Kenyon up for eviction. Andi, Sarah, and Roxana were randomly selected to participate in the Power of Veto titled “Majority Rules…or does it?” It had a series of questions, and everyone assumed that the majority answer would get them a point. Instead, Doctor X was revealed when Big Brother told the interns that Doctor X’s answers would be the correct answer. Brett swept the competition, took himself off the block, and Nick put Drew him in his place. By a vote of 3-1, Josh was evicted due to his ties with Brett.

Roxana – In the second Head of Hospital competition titled “Battle of the Sexes,” the interns were given eight weapons to use, and the last person standing would win immunity for their gender, while the last person standing of the losing gender would become the next Head of Hospital. One of the doctors paid a visit, and wiped out half of the females, making it an easy win for the males. The males were victorious, and Allison became the second Head of Hospital, much to the dismay of many. She nominated Amanda because she wanted to deflect attention off of their alliance, Angela because she hadn’t spoken to her yet, and Roxana because they were arch enemies The Power of Veto “Superheroes” rolled around and Amanda won that, despite unknowingly getting help from Allison, who was one of the doctors. Sarah went up in Amanda’s place won she vetoed herself, Brett won the ability to vote in the girls’ eviction, and Roxana was axed in a unanimous vote of 4-0. Angela received two self votes though, for failing to write the required amount of confessionals. Because of this, the interns were asked by Big Brother to vote between Josh and Roxana to see who would be able to replace her. Josh was seen as the lesser of two evils, and was voted back in by a vote of 8-3.

Seth – The gender barriers were dissolved, and with 12 people left, it was officially every man and woman for themselves. The third Head of Hospital competition titled “Easter Egg Hunt” was a doozy. First and foremost, Big Brother paired the interns into five groups of two, and they’d have to decide who would get to advance to the second round. Amanda, Andi, Desiree, Josh, and Shane all moved on. The second part detailed that Big Brother hid two pictures throughout the entire community. One picture meant that you won the Head of Hospital; the other meant you won the Power of Veto for the following week, not for the current. Shane won the Power of Veto; Amanda won the Head of Hospital and swiftly nominated Allison as a “revenge nomination,” Kenyon because he hadn’t talked to her, and Seth as the main target. When the interns went outside to play in the Power of Veto competition “Knock ‘em, Sock ‘em interns,” it was revealed that the veto winner would be forced to use the veto on one of the nominees, with no replacement by the HoH. Allison used her doctor powers to win the Power of Veto, vetoed herself off the block, which left Kenyon and Seth on the block. Kenyon was seen as a weak player, one that wouldn’t be able to make any bold moves, while Seth was seen as a strategic threat and as such, he was evicted in a 5-3 vote.

Drew – By the time the fourth week arrived at the Big Brother house, the drama and intensity were at an all time high. Kenyon was declared as the fourth Head of Hospital for escaping the vote (Big Brother had hinted in the previous week that something of that nature would occur). His role as Head of Hospital this week only guaranteed himself immunity because in a twist, the interns were told that the fourth week was going to be like the foreign versions, giving the public the power to evict. Just like the foreign versions, each intern went into the diary room to give their nominations. Andi, Drew, and Nick had the highest amount of nomination votes. Andi and Drew were chosen because they were seen as “too nice of players,” while Nick was forever hated since the first week of the game. Shane’s Power of Veto came into play, but he chose to keep the nominations the same, thus leaving his alliance member Drew to face the public vote. Shane’s choice would come back to haunt him when Drew was evicted with 59.74% of the public’s vote.

Nick – Drew was evicted and everyone went apeshit. It was completely unexpected, and caused a mass state of chaos, confusion, and crisis. While the public chose to save Nick, it still didn’t mean that the people who he was living with would stop gunning for him. But this week was pivotal for him, as he finally regained access to participate in competitions, so if he didn’t win HoH he’d had best win PoV. “Attack of the Application,” the fifth HoH competition was won by Amanda, her second win. However, this was also the week that the two doctors were told of each other’s identities, and the two of them chose to forfeit the HoH title to Amanda so that they would be guaranteed to play in the Power of Veto. Amanda threw up Brett, Nick, and Sarah on the chopping block, Sarah won the veto and vetoed herself off the block, which meant that Amanda would have to replace Sarah’s spot. Amanda failed to do this by the deadline, causing Big Brother to retract Amanda’s HoH power and put her up on the block as punishment. This did not affect the outcome, and Nick was evicted by a vote of 6-1-1. Upon his eviction, Big Brother came over the loudspeaker and told Nick to report to the diary room, as well as Desiree.

Brett – The Rooms Next Door, whose code name was “The Morgue,” were a group of rooms connected to the original hospital via the diary room. While he was evicted, Nick was definitely not done leaving his legacy behind in the sixth season of BBLJ. Desiree found the key to the Rooms Next Door and was told by Big Brother to unlock the door in the diary room. She and Nick stepped inside, the door slammed shut and they were thereby locked in the sort of second hospital with four brand new interns: Jess, Kei-Jei, Marty, and Zach. Desiree became the insta-HoH of the RMD and had to nominate two people to enter the game. Meanwhile, the main hospital pressed on. The doctors had their powers taken away, and it finally became anyone’s game. Allison, Shane, and Kenyon all advanced to the final round of the competition, since everyone else sacrificed their spots. It was a heated game of “Duel” and after five + intense rounds, Shane won his first Head of Hospital title. He nominated Kenyon because he was BBLJ6’s “safe nomination,” and then Brett and Sarah because of their alliance. Shane won his third veto, and once again, he decided not to veto anyone. He was feared as a strategic and challenge threat, so it came as no surprise that he was evicted in a unanimous 4-0 vote. Brett became the first member of the nine person jury. In addition to Brett’s eviction, it was announced that Big Brother would be ejecting Kenyon from the hospital as he flaked out on two competitions, garnering two self votes. He was still the second member of the jury, but Kenyon couldn’t accept his blatant failures, blamed his exit on the host (even though the host was just doing his job), and withdrew himself from the jury. Nick then took Kenyon’s spot on the jury because he was evicted prior to Brett’s eviction.

Sarah – In his final words, Brett had made it public that he was in an alliance with Sarah, which put a big ole target on her back. The alliance of Allison, Amanda, and Shane solidified. When Allison won her second Head of Hospital title, she put up Andi and Josh as pawns, as well as Sarah as her main target. Surprisingly, Andi won the Power of Veto and vetoed herself. There were no replacement nominations; once the jury started Big Brother revealed that there would no longer be replacement nominations, and that the Power of Veto holder would be forced to veto one of the three nominees off the block. This disallowed any chance for a backdooring of anyone. Amanda and Shane controlled the votes, evicting Sarah in a 2-0 vote.

Josh – It was revealed that Jess would be entering the hospital, and the public decided they wanted Kei-Jei to get a chance to play. The two of them had immunity from eviction. This week there was no Head of Hospital at all, it wasn’t a public eviction, but much like the fourth week, the interns were told to head into the diary room to make their nominations to Big Brother. Andi once again was nominated due to her nice factor, Josh was nominated with her, and Desiree rounded out the trio of nominations as she was deemed a threat. The whole house, besides Jess and Kei-Jei banded together to get Desiree out, but when she won the Power of Veto, their plans were thrown up into the air. Allison, Amanda, and Shane had already been courting Andi to become the fourth member of their alliance, so their votes to keep her were secured. Desiree and Jess didn’t want to go against the majority, and Kei-Jei was no where to be found, so they voted alongside the others. Josh was evicted in a 5-0 vote. Joining him was Kei-Jei who had been self voted out anyway, but she chose to DOR because of a family members health issues.

Andi – Shane won the ninth Head of Hospital competition “Rainbow Connection”. When the interns were called out into the garden for the Power of Veto competition, they were horrified when Big Brother declared the week to be a double elimination week. The first competition was an auction. Jess won the Power of Veto and Amanda won the Ruby Ring Power of Veto, which gave the owner the power to make the replacement nomination. Jess vetoed herself, as did Amanda, and she followed that by nominating Andi – the fourth in their alliance. Desiree had won a second vote, but since she was on the block, she was forced to give it to a voter, and chose Jess. The jury also was voting in this eviction, and Shane won the power to decide if their votes would be counted individually or if their votes were to be counted as an Electoral College type vote. He chose to go the Electoral College route, which caused Andi to be shockingly evicted in a vote of 3-2.

Jess – Much like Drew's eviction, Andi's eviction caused some interns to freak the f*ck out. Andi was sent to the jury house and the tenth Head of Hospital competition was held. Amanda won her third HoH, promptly nominating Desiree, Jess, and Shane. The Power of Veto was quick and to the point, Amanda won it, and decided to veto Shane –because of their alliance- thus granting her alliance complete control over the votes. While the alliance of Allison, Amanda, and Shane had been targeting Desiree for weeks, they struck a deal with her to make sure the F4 had “original players only”. The deal was made, causing Allison and Shane to evict a pissed off Jess from the game.

Desiree – Before the speed week came to an end, Big Brother held the second to last Head of Hospital competition. Amanda, unable to participate, sat on the sidelines as she watched her fellow interns play a game of “Fact or Fiction”. After six rounds, the points were tied across the board, so Big Brother enacted a tie-breaker. Allison won, which meant that Amanda, Desiree, and Shane were automatically on the chopping block. Later that week, Amanda once again proved that she was the challenge beast, as well as the equivalent to real Big Brother’s James this season by winning yet another Power of Veto. Of course, she vetoed herself so she could have the sole eviction vote. While the possibility of an all woman F3 was at her fingertips, Amanda chose her integrity over a record and stuck with her alliance by evicting Desiree.

Shane - After winning the final Head of Hospital, Amanda evicted Shane and chose Allison for the final two because she had a final two agreement with Allison from day one. She also believed she could more easily defeat her. Shane’s adorability was a liability to Amanda, and she felt that he would be able only woo over the jury. He assumed that the jury hated him, but upon arriving to the jury house, he learned that he probably would have won had he made the finals.

Amanda - She was lambasted at the final eviction for lying when she didn’t need to and that her only strength was winning competitions. The jury wasn’t particularly fond of the way she played the game, but some considered her the lesser of an evil to Allison. It didn’t help her cause when she submitted “Vote Allison,” and nothing else for her closing statement. But regardless of that sign of “giving up” if you will, she won the votes of Brett, Jess, Josh, and Kei-Jei. Andi later revealed that had Amanda not said “Vote Allison,” she would have voted for Amanda, which would have made Amanda the winner of BBLJ6, and would have broken the BBLJ F2 curse.

Allison – She was one of the doctors and surprisingly only a few people held that against her. Some jurors tried to play up her infamous bitch factor by telling her to bash all the jurors, but others respected that this was Allison’s personality and that she wasn’t about to change for anyone. Allison made that clear in the final eviction. Even though she was the nastiest contestant of the season, Allison (the female version of “Evel Dick”) was declared the winner of the sixth and final season before All-Stars with the votes of Andi, Desiree, Nick, Sarah, and Shane.




From: there_she_went
2008-07-01 07:27 am (UTC)
Challenge beast!

These make me giggle.
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